Health and Spiritual Empowerment - Nabikenge - Namutumba

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2018-04-25

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2018-04-26 04:40:59 UTC
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2018-04-27 06:08:56 UTC
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10:39-18:16 (7 h 37 m)
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The ground nuts garden. 
Village Critical Needs
They need pesticides for their ground nuts. 
Village Action Steps
Mobilize the community. 
Staff Action Steps
Prepare weekly lessons. 
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
Village Notes
The community works together and take turns to go and chase squirrels from their ground nuts garden. 

Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Ida Bazonona 
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Bible Lesson 1: The Light of the world 
Ida went to Nabikenge to introduce CEP lessons,she asked if they knew what darkness was, Margaret said that it is a situation where you can't see. Others said that it's when people go to sleep. Habib asked what about those who sleep during day, is that also referred to as darkness? She asked the community to list down somethings done in darkness. They listed the following:1 stealing ,killing , rumors, backbiting, fornication, etc. What about things done in the light? 1 Giving, 2 forgiving 3 loving 4 prayer.etc. As people were giving the answers, some women at the back were saying that rumors are almost tearing them apart. Ida noted down and she is going to teach about the "Tongue " Ida told a story of an old woman who was brave that she managed to participate in a game that was going on. Many people laughed at her because of her age but she didn't bother,in the end she was the winner. The community was asked to fill the house but were not told what to fill it with. Strong men tried but failed but this old woman whom they laughed at filled the house to the top! With only a candle the old woman filled the house with light. Ida encouraged them to believe and trust themselves, do things that can be done in the light, avoid situations that can lead them into doing things of the darkness. Ida encouraged them to continue coming in the weekly meetings and learn more. The memory verse was the " Akatala song". (This little light of mine)r