Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-07-06

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2018-07-08 15:05:20 UTC
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The community has succeeded and got water after drilling 
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To mobilise each other ,continue contributing towards the borehole requirements and encourage each other to participate in all the steps 
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To continue preparing the community through all the borehole steps and make sure all the remaining steps are supervised and done well. 
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Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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Walyomu Alex 
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Drilling the new borehole in Nawandyo B village started on Thursday, 05/July and ended on 06/July. Because of several commitments at the office, Alex did not attend the first day of borehole drilling but was able to get in touch with the drillers and he gave them the survey reports that they have to use guiding them while drilling. He also had to give them the directions to the village and led them to the person to take them to the site. On the first day, the drillers were able to drill about 30M and hitting some water from 21M. The soil formation became very complicated and started to collapse. Drilling continued the following morning and became very challenging because of too much collapse of the mud into the hole. They had to use more than 10 temporary casings to stop the mud from collapsing into the hole and to be able to continue drilling. There was more water got up to about 36M. They managed to drill up to 51M before installing with the permanent casings. The water was then measured to estimate the borehole capacity and it was found out that this borehole will be in position to produce 1000L/hr. The water was also pumped out by blowing and it was able to clear after about two hours of blowing. The community members were very excited that they have succeeded to get water and the ladies danced and sung songs to praise Kibo and thank Kibo for the love of their community. They thanked Kibo group and gave a gift of a turkey and chicken and a goat to the drillers that fought so much drilling through the mud. Alex will continue to engage this community training the water user committee and preparing the community for the next steps of borehole installation and test pumping 
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2018-07-11 - Purpose: Preparing the community for the next step of borehole installation and test pumping and training of the water user committee
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Report Photos

3427 Nawandyo borehole drilling
3430 Drilling through the mud and because of the bad soil formation, drilling in Nawandyo was very complicated and challenging
3433 Drillers busy at work
3439 The drillers using the temporary casings to prevent the mud from collapsing into the hole that is being drilled
3442 The community members gathered for a brief meeting thanking Kibo for the help and celebrating after successfully getting Water
3445 The community appreciated Kibo group with a big turkey and a chicken and a goat to the drillers.
3448 The community witnessing the blowing of water to clear
3451 The water cleared very well after blowing for sometime
3454 Getting ready to blow the water to clear
3505 The drillers calculating the water capacity for the borehole and it this borehole when complete is expected to pump out up to 1000L/hr.