Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-07-11

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Alex Walyomu
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2018-07-12 09:24:43 UTC
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2018-07-16 02:29:13 UTC
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10:16-19:15 (8 h 59 m)
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12:06-17:26 (5 h 20 m)
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3 h 39 m

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There is great community cooperation and many people will come out to help do the job during the whole process of borehole construction 
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To make sure they follow all the ways to take care of the new borehole concrete work to be able to dry well as directed by the draco workers. 
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To keep in touch with the workers following up on the work being done of installing the new borehole in Nawandyo village. 
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The village just voted a new village LC1, Mr Peter is a very active man and has been active in all the Kibo programs. 

Water Community Meeting

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test pump and casting 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex went to Nawandyo B village to supervise the process of borehole pump testing, casting and installation. During this process, a borehole is pumped for a minimum of 3 hours to let out any dirt and make sure the water is clear before the borehole installation. At the end of three hours of pumping, if water has failed to clear then blowing has to continue for more time until it clears and a water sample must be taken for lab testing. On a good note, the water in this new borehole from Nawandyo cleared after the 3 hours of pump testing. The static water level was at 11.0M and the dynamic water level was at 16.76M, this is determined after the 3 hours of pumping. The pumping was then stopped and the water recovery was also determined and It was got at 14.25M after 25 minutes of waiting for the borehole to rest. It was also found out that this borehole has a very good recovery rate estimated at 92.2% meaning that the borehole qualifies for installation and also is assumed to handle even long dry seasons serving the community with clean water. Any borehole above 65% water recovery qualifies for installation. This borehole will be installed with 8 stainless pipes and this is known after determining the recovery rate. More work on this borehole will continue the following day with casting and installing the pipes and pump head. 
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2018-07-18 - Purpose: Monitor the new borehole concrete work and complete the land agreement signing
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Report Photos

3559 Determining the water recovery rate after pump testing for 3 hours
3568 Community members helping to clear the site before laying the borehole mold for the slab and drainage
3571 Inserting the pump to blow the water until it clears before the borehole installation
3574 The water being pumped out to clear and determine the borehole water capacity and recovery rate. The village people brought their Jerrycans to get water
3577 Some of the community members getting the water as it’s being pumped