Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kalitumba - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2018-07-09

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2018-07-15 15:53:45 UTC
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Tom made a visit to kalitumba village to meet with the residents to discuss about the recent evaluation and to shared ideas on how the program can move forward with all residents working and improving. When he arrived he found when the committee members were waiting as well as the chairman of the village. Tom first shared with them about the program as well as some of the results from the evaluation. Most of the committee members thanked Kibo for helping there village improve on sanitation and hygiene. After the meeting with the village committee members, Tom and the group moved to the general meeting with the rest of the residents. The turn up was relatively good based on the fact that it’s busy season for harvesting. During the meeting, Tom first asked the residents how the program has benefited them. Majority of them Said ,it’s helped them in increasing on the sanitation and hygiene in their homes, those with latrines have gained respect and dignity in the community as well as helping in reducing the problem of open defecation which also reduce on the spread of diseases. Tom thanked those residents and the committee members for always moving with Tom as well as thanked the village residents for embracing the program and improving their sanitation and hygiene. Tom also gave and read to them the results for the evaluation. Many of the residents who did not have latrine many of them promised to have them done soon before the third evaluation. Tom also urged the residents to support and move together with the committee members to help improve on the sanitation and hygiene levels in the village. They also reminded others about the facility standards as well as maintenance. Some of the village residents requested to visit one of the committee members homes to check on some of her facilities after the meeting. When the meeting was done, they all moved to one of the committee members homes to check on her latrine, kitchen, dish rack, shower etc. Her latrine was up to standard as well as other facilities besides the shower area which needs to be improved upon. She accepted to improve on it before the next evaluation. Tom also encouraged the residents about using cement and sand on the last two-three brick lines in order to maintain and improve the durability of the shower area. Tom also reminded the residents that it’s each and every person’s responsibility to make kalitumba open defecation free. They all agreed to be involved in order to improve on the sanitation and hygiene standards in their village , 

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2018-07-16 - Purpose: Following up on sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as check and encourage about better construction methods and standards
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3586 The chairman of the village addressing residents who had turned up for the meeting
3589 Residents inspecting a residents latrine to check if it meets the standards