Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Buluvu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-07-25

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There is a great community cooperation and excitement about the new borehole 
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To get the required size of poles and build the new fence up to standard as Alex directed the community on how to build that fence. 
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To continue discussing together with the community about their roles and responsibilities and all that have to be met before the borehole commissioning 
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Buluvu has been divided up into two other zones. Buyangu zone is where the borehole is located and where there was a great need for clean safe water as some people were getting water from the swamp. The second zone is called Bunaibamba A and it’s where the other second old borehole is located. 

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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex went to Buluvu to have a meeting with the community members. After the successful pump installation, casting and pump testing, Alex first checked on the new platform to make sure that the borehole was drying very well and whether the community had taken good care of the borehole platform. On a good note, the village had taken good care of the borehole and the borehole platform had dried very well. While in the community meeting, Alex together with the community members agreed on the size of the poles that have to be used to make a strong and standard borehole fence. They continued together with the community members to the borehole and Alex showed them how the holes have to be dug 2ft from the platform while building the borehole fence. This is recommended because it keeps the platform un tampered with and makes it to last longer. While in the meeting, they agreed together that each person in the village must make sure that all have to be equally responsible towards the borehole by contributing all what is needed for the borehole. Alex also encouraged everyone to contribute the money that is being asked at the old borehole since it broke down a week ago needing a new head assembly. The old borehole is located in the upper part of the village and the people in the lower part of the village where the new Kibo borehole is located had said that they would not contribute the money to fix the old borehole because they still need to put money together for the new borehole account. Alex told them to raise the money to fix the old borehole as this borehole helps everyone in the community as the new one will also do. Everyone in the village must contribute money on the two boreholes in the village before allowed to get water from the borehole. Alex will go back to continue with training of the new water user committee and follow up the borehole fence to make sure it meets our Kibo standards. 
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2018-08-01 - Purpose: Continue training of the water user committee and follow up on the new borehole fence.
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3802 The new borehole still covered by the dry banana leaves and some poles that are being collected by the community members to be used for the borehole fence.