Health and Spiritual Empowerment - Sinde - Namayingo

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2018-07-30

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Ida Bazonoona
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2018-07-31 09:22:23 UTC
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Ida Bazonoona
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2018-08-01 15:18:50 UTC
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10:33-19:35 (9 h 2 m)
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13:21-16:10 (2 h 49 m)
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6 h 13 m

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None this week 
Village Critical Needs
Their well is over pumped due the huge population. They need a second well if possible. 
Village Action Steps
Invite friends to come and learn ideas 
Staff Action Steps
Prepare lessons 
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
Good leaders 
Village Notes
They have kept the standards of hygiene and sanitation. 

Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Ida Bazonona 
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Visitor Attendees
Mark Moore and Grady Moore. 
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Lesson Taught
Poultry Day 1 
Ida, Mark Moore and Grady Moore went to Sinde. Ida introduced a new lesson about how to care for chickens. She asked if there was any one who didn't know what a chicken was. They all raised their hands emphasizing that they all knew what a chicken is. Ida went on asking what is a chicken? Isaac Gusino said that a chicken is a chicken. Nabwire said that it's a bird that lays eggs. Nanyunja said that that bird you see pointing at a chicken that was eating grass hoppers around. By the end of the answers, no one knew what a chicken is. She explained to the community that made them learn that learning never stops. Ida explained how the community can get much money if they only changed the way they care for the chickens. Hanguna asked Ida to teach them how to care for the chickens because they know nothing. Ida taught all the stages that have to be done before hatching. Mande asked about the vaccines they should use but Ida asked him to be patient because they have just started. In few weeks the community will know all the medicine needed when keeping chickens.Matririda thanked Kibo for bringing new ideas that will make them increase on their income. The new chairperson prayed for the group and the visitors who were present that day. 

Next Visit: 2018-08-13 - Purpose: To continue with the poultry lessons.