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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-09-07

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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The Immune System,How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted 
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Learning Objectives
To know how the immune system is attacked by HIV To know how HIV is transmitted
Introduction Lorna was in Kavule in Kigalama where she taught on HIV transmission and the immune system. Overview Lorna reached Kigalama and she stopped by Mwanjas home who is the chairman of Kibo group and picked his wife who requested Lorna on her previous visit, whether she could move along with her as she also learns what life skills is about and that hopefully sometime she will also teach in future. After picking her they continued to Kavule where the meeting was to take place. After about 1hr 40 mins of waiting, Lorna started the lesson/ topic of the day. Lorna started by reviewing the previous topic of facts and myths on HIV /AIDS . After that she started on the lesson of how HIV is transmitted that is to say through; having sex with an infected person, being in contact with blood of an infected person, through breast milk, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids and sharing sharp instruments. Lorna encouraged the community members to avoid sharing sharp instruments like needles, syringes, safety pins among others. For the syringes in hospitals she encouraged them to always check it when unwrapped to make sure it is new. One man said that sometimes in the health centers the nurses are so rude that it is impossible for you to ask them to check if the syringe they are using was new. Lorna said that it is their right to ensure the take precaution and to ensure that the syringe being used on them is new. He continued and said they will chase them away from the health centers if they do that. Another man answered him and said that it was their right to ensure they are administered to drugs in the right way and properly using sterilized or new instruments. Lorna also taught about the immune system and how if not taken care of when someone is HIV positive can lead a person contracting diseases which can lead to Aids hence death.Lorna taught on the role of the white blood cells and the red blood cells. She said that the red blood cells were responsible for carrying in oxygen and out carbon dioxide from our bodies while, the white blood cells are responsible for protecting our bodies from diseases. She mentioned the different cells that make up our immune system like the Macrophage, the CD4 cell which is the captain of the immune system and is mostly attacked by HIV , they also looked at the T4cells and T8 cells which attack and kill the invader. They concluded by acting this out in a play called the Elephant game explaining how the immune system works and is attacked by diseases. Conclusion Maaka Richard a community member encouraged the community to attend these lessons as they are important for their life. He encouraged them to always turn up when called upon. Lorna thanked the members for coming and encouraged them to also come in big numbers in the next visit. 

Next Visit: 2018-09-21 - Purpose: Teach on the relationship between STDs and HIV / AIDS , women and HIV / AIDS

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4312 Lorna teaching on the immune system.
4318 This is the elephant game and it’s a game on the immune system. It involves the baby elephant( the body), the adult elephants being the immune system and the lions are the diseases that attack the body.In this game we see how the immune system is attacked by different diseases and how it fights them off but if HIV attacks and kills the immune system, the body is left open to any diseases that attack and can kill the person.