Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2018-09-24

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Tom Ngobi
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2018-10-02 17:10:42 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2018-10-03 01:39:53 UTC
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10:00-18:25 (8 h 25 m)
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12:35-15:45 (3 h 10 m)
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5 h 15 m

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Follow up on facilityconstructions 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to kisiro village to check on sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as facility constructions. When he arrived in the village, he found when the committee members were waiting for him in the trading center at one of the vhts homes. They first shared with Tom about the improvements that have been made in latrine constructions in one of the sections of the village called isamba. They also reported of many people that have lost their latrines due to heavy rains. After their discussion, they moved to the section of the village called kisiro central where they found the chairman with a new latrine under construction. He has an old latrine still functioning and in good condition but said he wants to always plan ahead and that he wants to lead by example to where other residents can learn from him that you don’t need your facility get old before you plan about replacing it with a new one. In that section of the village thy also saw five new latrines under construction and three new pits. They also visited a section of the village where several latrines collapsed due to heavy rains. Tom shared and encouraged them to use better construction materials like durable logs but also to use better construction methods. From kisiro central they moved to a section of the village called kisiro East where they also found new pits being dug and three new latrines. Tom likewise encouraged those digging the new pits to consider using better construction materials and embracing good methods of construction. The committee members also kept encouraging the residents to continue working so that they get their facilities done before the heavy rain season starts. After Tom left for jinja. 

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Many residents get their water from the swamp and ponds 
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Next Visit: 2018-10-03 - Purpose: Hold a village meeting with the village leaders about the program

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4567 A committee member inspecting a new latrine of a resident
4570 Another pit for a latrine being inspected by the committee members