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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-10-12

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2018-10-12 09:18:37 UTC
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10:14-17:30 (7 h 16 m)
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
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They are very cooperative and work well together. This was my first visit but the turn up was great. 
Village Notes
After the lesson, the Water Users committee both new and old had an issue they had to settle. The issue was about money whereby the old committee had remained with some money and the new committee chairman wanted that money handed over to them for accountability purposes to the community. The previous treasurer said they have the money but he suggested they pick a day to meet and they officially handover and even write it down for records and accountability. 

Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS 
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Learning Objectives
To understand and know the truths and myths on HIV/AIDS as some people think it’s witchcraft.
Introduction This was Lorna’s first visit in this village and the purpose was to introduce life skills Education and Counseling Program to the village. Overview When Lorna arrived the meeting place , it was already set and the LC1 Chairman was waiting for her. Shortly after that his committee members also joined them and the chairperson Elderly also joined them.After a few more minutes of waiting more community members started coming and the meeting commenced. The chairman started by introducing himself and his committee before inviting Lorna to unveil what she had to communicate to the people. Lorna started by introducing herself and program to the community. She mentioned some of the lessons they will be learning together among them were ; HIV/AIDS, communication skills, Relationship Skills , personal hygiene among others. Lorna asked the members if any of these apply to them and they said yes. Lorna then went ahead and introduced the topic of the day Facts and Myths of HIV/ AIDS. Lorna started by asking the members how this disease came into existence. Some said through the White people, another said through business men while another said it was brought by wind. Lorna thanked them for all their answers and revealed that studies show that this disease came through chimpanzees. After this they looked at some of the facts concerning HIV/AIDS as; AIDS is real , has no cure however treatments are available, Women and girl children are more at risk to infection of HIV more than men.Some of the myths were; No one is affected with HIV , sex workers are the most affected by HIV, Sleeping with a virgin cures HIV. Since this was the first visit Lorna did not go so much into detail. Lorna then asked if there were any questions. Yokamu the chairman Elderly persons asked why it was possible for a woman not to die of HIV but those who this person has had intercourse with die from this disease but this woman won’t die?. Lorna answered this by saying that this woman knows her HIV status and is going ahead to treat herself however these people may not even know their status and may easily fall sick and without treatment die earlier. Another question was that why is it that, when one is very sick of this disease and is taken to the hospital and started on treatment that this person comes back to life, does that mean that HIV has left their body?. Yacobo a VHT asked to answer this one and he said, the treatment given to this person helps to reduce the virus in the body even to the point where their viral load is undetectable. Viral load is the amount of HIV in ones body. He added that also with proper diet and treating all the sicknesses that may affect this person like tb, malaria, diarrhea in time helps make the immune system stronger. This however does not mean that the person is cured. Lorna thanked Yacobo for this answer and informed the community that they will look at the immune system in detail and how it’s affected by HIV. Conclusion Lorna thanked the members for keeping their borehole clean and maintaining it and also together with the community members agreed on the time and day when they will next meet. They agreed for Friday at 12pm. Lorna thanked them for coming and then left the village for Jinja. 

Next Visit: 2018-10-19 - Purpose: Teach the next topic HIV transmission.

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