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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-10-15

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

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Learning Objectives
To check whether the members had understood the whole HIV/AIDS topic.
Introduction Lorna has been teaching on HIV/AIDS topic in this section of Kigalama for over a month now and on this visit Lorna‚Äôs plan , was to review some of the topics with them to check whether the topic was well understood. Overview Lorna and Nate went to Kigalama to do a review on all the HIV lessons that Lorna has been teaching in Kigalama Trading center. Lorna and Nate were met by the chairperson of Kibo Group activities in Kigalama who took them to check on the borehole that was drilled by Kibo and see a few stoves. After that they came back to the meeting place and waited for sometime before beginning the lessons. Lorna then briefed the community members on what her plan was for the day. She told the members that this was the last day of her teaching on the topic HIV and that it was their turn now to teach her what they had so far learnt. Kiseka thanked Lorna for the opportunity given to them to also share what they have learnt but also their views of this topic. Kiseka took the members through HIV transmission, HIV prevention, he also took the group through different STDs. After this Lorna asked the member if they had any questions. Jane did not have a question but had an issue with condom use and so did the rest of the women. She said that when they ask their husbands to use condoms they refuse. Kiseka urged the men that it was for the safety of their family and if they love their family then they should use condoms for safety purposes. He added that also when one had contracted STDs,the best thing to do is take their medication but also Incase of any urge of intercourse they should use condoms. This pushed them to condom use as a prevention method. Lorna asked 3 men to do a demonstration on condom use. Lorna had a box of condoms and the instruction she gave them was for them to imagine, that they had just gone to the shop to buy condoms. She asked them what their next step was after that. The first volunteer just opened the box took out 1 and immediately tore it and said that it was ready to use. The second volunteer took out another from the box and told the members to be careful while opening it so as not to tear. After opening it he told them they need to see what direction it rolled and then hold it as they put it on to prevent any air from entering it. All these steps were leading to the other but were not completely right. Kiseka then came up again and got the box and informed the community members that the first thing to do after purchasing a condom is to check on its expiry date, to check whether it has air when you try to press on it. He then told them to tear the packet carefully to avoid tearing the condom and after that when they have figured which side the condom rolls, he urged them not to touch the whole of it because they would be contaminating it. He also told them to leave space at the tip of the condom which is important to hold the secretions from the man and not to fully put on the condom without leaving a space at the tip. Lorna thanked them for volunteering to remind the rest of the members about the lesson. Lorna then summarized by telling them the different rights that PLWHIV (persons living with HIV )have . Among which were; a right to marriage and have a family, right to public opinion, rights to privacy, right to work , rights to social inclusion, right to go to school among others. Lorna also taught the last lesson HIV/AIDS and behavior change where the community is given different scenarios of PLWHIV and how they can apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired to help them.Lorna also revisited a treatment plan for the whole person. Here Lorna taught about the social well-being of these persons (spousal support, extended family support, peer support)psychosocial well-being (counseling, positive attitudes, stress reduction) , general well-being(good nutrition, avoid smoking , drugs, avoid STDs , reinfection) and spiritual wellbeing( Faith, meditation, belief system). Conclusion After the lesson one woman approached Lorna and confessed to her about her husband who she thinks is HIV positive because several community members have told her that his previous wife died of this disease. She however is HIV negative however she has tried on several attempts to tell her husband to get tested but he has always refused. She is scared for her life and children.i encouraged her to talk to her husband and tell him she chooses not to trust the rumors from some people in the community and that she wants to hear from him. Lorna added that she could ask him of his fears and that knowing his status is better than being ignorant about it. Lorna encouraged her that she should not fear as there many couples that we have heard of one being positive and the other negative. Lorna encouraged her to go together with him and test as a couple but in the meantime, they should use protection Incase of any sexual activity. Another elderly man a father to one of the community members who did not attend the lesson but was at the home nearby, appreciated Lorna for the lesson and said it is a very important subject. He also asked Lorna what if this person found out they were positive, how should they live. Lorna also taught him about positive living. He requested Lorna that this lesson also goes to their village, to the church. Lorna said she will take the matter to the office and seek advice then she will get back to him. Lorna then left for Jinja. 

Next Visit: 2018-10-29 - Purpose: Lorna will engage the community on what is mostly affecting them and from this will derive the topic to teach.