Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo B - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-10-22

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2018-10-23 04:43:13 UTC
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10:57-18:48 (7 h 51 m)
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Current State

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Many of the community members still appreciate Kibo group for partnering with them to eradicate open defecation in their village and also very happy for the new borehole they received. 
Village Critical Needs
The shinny particles in the water form the new borehole but however the community is still advised to continue pumping the well and they will eventually be finished. 
Village Action Steps
To complete working on the borehole fence and clean the borehole compound at Nawaikona P/S. 
Staff Action Steps
To go back for the borehole repair. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Village Notes
There is a very great sense of community responsibility and ownership towards their new borehole and other programs that the village has had from Kibo like the stoves are still being built. 

Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,roles and responsibilities 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Look Up
Alex first met with the district water officer at Namutumba district offices and discussed about the next villages that Kibo group and the district would be considering for new borehole and borehole repair. He met with the water officer, Abby and his assistant Sam and Alex told them that Kibo will for sure take on Ituba and Kagulu villages for new borehole next and drilling will be expected soon. The district is planning to drill 19 new boreholes in 19 villages this financial year. This clarification is very important to avoid duplication and putting resources from Kibo and the government in the same village and yet there are other villages that have need. The district water office needed this clarification from Kibo and other villages that Kibo group hopes to help with drilling of new Water sources. Alex mentioned other villages for the future amongst which were Kisiro, Igerera B and Mpumiro. The district is very happy for all the support towards water coverage provided by Kibo group in the district. Alex then proceeded to Nawandyo B to talk to the community about the shinny particles that are visible in the new borehole water. Alex first inquired from our drilling contractor Draco and assured him that it was not at all dangerous to humans as these particles come from the gravel that was put in the hole during the drilling process. It will stop coming at some point if the village continues to pump this borehole. Alex therefore told the members he found at the borehole and the committee members to continue pumping the borehole and some of the people also testified that these particles had reduced. No other issues were raised and the village is happy to have a new borehole in the community. Alex also visited Nawaikona Primary school in Bukudumira village on his way from Nawandyo B and found that the school pupils headed by the school head teacher had cleaned the borehole drainage channel and they were gathering to build a new borehole fence. Kibo group will be helping to fix this borehole on Wednesday 24/10/2018 after purchasing all the spare parts needed. They promise to complete building the fence the next day. 
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2018-10-24 - Purpose: Borehole repair at Nawaikona P/S.
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4741 The school pupils and two community members have cleaned up the drainage channel and working on the borehole fence before the repair is done.