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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2018-10-22

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I saw them working together when four people died. They all decided that some should go for burial and others stay for Kibo lessons. 
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Continue mobilizing each other. 
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Prepare lessons 
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Three Stone Fires
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Bupeni men are active and eager to learn than in other villages. 

Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Ida Bazonona 
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Bible Lesson 4: Loving others 
Ida went to Bupeni and taught about “loving others “ She asked the community to tell her the people they love. Some said their spouses, children, parents, in laws,siblings,pastors,bosses, teachers and themselves. Very good! Ida commented. What about these people listed down? The sick, poor, lame, children, orphans, widows, co wives,government officials,drunkards. Mr Kyakulaga said that it is not easy to love those people listed above. Nakiyemba asked why ? Ida asked the community to tell some reasons as to why they think it’s hard to love that kind of people. Namulondo said that they will never pay you back. Naigaga said that those people never appreciate. Waikato Godfrey said that they don’t ask and yet the Bible states clearly that ask and you will receive. Kalimu said that they don’t have what to give. Bwana Fred said that there is a difference between loving and giving, but these two things work together hand in hand. When you don’t love someone it’s hard to give then anything. Nabirye Jane asked how will she start loving the woman who stole her husband? Ida requested Bwana to read from the Bible Luke 10:23-37. After the reading, Ida asked what lesson is taught in the passage, Bwana answered that love those who cannot pay us back. The Good Samaritan didn’t know the victim but helped because he was created in God’s image. Nabirye Jane still insisted that a co-wife is hard to love, if the victim that the Good Samaritan helped was his co husband was he going to help? Bwana said that the Bible doesn’t tell us about a co husband but tells us to love our enemies. Ida concluded by saying that let us love one another as our Lord Jesus commanded. It doesn’t make sense to love only those who love us and can pay us back. Be Good Samaritans in your communities people will see the difference and ask what happened. 

Next Visit: 2018-10-29 - Purpose: To continue with the same lesson “Loving others “