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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-10-29

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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Community Ownership
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There is a group of women who have come up saying they are tired of poverty. Currently they are doing cash rounds however, they are looking at doing other developmental projects together to develop themselves. 
Three Stone Fires
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Village Notes
There was a challenge with the Members of the mvule program as some members had convinced the rest of the group to sell their goats that Kibo would give them cows. The members were asked to pay 31000/= each. This was therefore bringing confusion on their part as they were not seeing any cows.Lorna told them that Kibo does not work like that and does not give out cows. She added that it was up to the members to keep their goats well and in future can sell off their goats for cows as development on their part. Lorna however said she will talk to Abraham to come clarify this. 

Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Effective Communication and Listening 
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Learning Objectives
To know the importance of effective communication in a home To learn the different communication styles and which one is the appropriate one to use at different scenarios.
Introduction Lorna went to introduce the new topic Communication Skills having finalized the topic HIV/AIDS Overview Lorna started by moving around mobilising the members to come to the meeting. While waiting for the members to come, Lorna met with a one lady called Babirye. Previously this lady had approached Lorna and told her that she was worried about her life that she has HIV because she hears rumours has it that her husbands ex-wife died of HIV. Lorna had told her that on the next visit she will come talk to her husband together with her but unfortunately on that day, she lost her grandmother and she had gone for burial. On this visit, Lorna saw she has lost weight just in a space of 1 week. Lorna asked her what the problem was and she said she is just too worried about her life and grand children. Also that she is the bread winner of the home and that everything she grows when it’s harvest time, the husband will sell without telling her. When Lorna asked if her husband has a job, she said yes but she never sees his money. She added that on top of that he wants children but, she said she does not want a child until they both know their status. When Lorna asked what she wants Lorna to do for her, she said she wants Lorna to talk to her husband first about HIV testing then the rest can come later. Lorna encouraged her not to give up but to see that both her and her children thrive. She told her that maybe because the husband knows that she can provide for the family, he feels like his role is taken over. Lorna asked her to talk with her husband and clearly tell her how she feels. She asked Lorna to talk to her husband on her behalf but Lorna said let her talk to him first then she can come in.After meeting with Babirye, they went to the meeting. The meeting started late and Lorna did not teach much but introduced the new topic to them. Lorna told them the new topic as Communication skills, she asked them what communication is. They told her it is passing on information. Lorna then asked what were the different ways of communication, they said Television, radio, news papers among others. Lorna asked whether these apply in a home? . They laughed and said no. She said at home they communicate verbally , person to person. She asked who makes the decisions in the home? They said both of them( the husband and wife). Lorna asked if this was true. The women said no it is mostly the men. Lorna asked before one makes a decision do they consult each other or the man just goes ahead and decides for themselves. Lorna did not go further as it was late. She told them to keep time next time and that she would start from there next time. They will look at the different types of communication; Attack and Avoid, also look at the importance of effective communication in a bigger perspective. Conclusion The members are asking Lorna to take them someone who can test them for HIV. Lorna said they have to be willing to get tested and they told her they are willing. Lorna said she will get back to them. She thanked them for coming and left for JInja. 

Next Visit: 2018-11-12 - Purpose: Continue with the topic Communication Skills