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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-11-09

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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The Immune System 
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Learning Objectives
To know the different components of the immune system especially the red and white blood cells. To know the role of the red and white blood cells in our body. To learn about how our immune system reacts when the body is infected with HIV.
Introduction Lorna was in this village to teach on the immune system.This was Lorna’s second visit in this village. Overview When Lorna reached the village since people had not yet come, she decided to move around a few homes checking on their facilities and reminding them about the meeting. Most of the people were still in their gardens as in those homes, Lorna found mostly the children. Those who were in their homes however said that they were informed of the meeting and they were preparing a meal then come to the meeting. After moving in these few homes, Lorna went back to the meeting place. When the community members had come, Lorna started the lesson of the day which was the Immune system. Lorna started by asking the community what components make up the immune system? . They mentioned different parts but Lorna said they will be looking at 2 of them that’s is; the red and white blood cells. When Lorna asked about the role of these 2 cells, one of the women said for the red blood cells is to carry blood in our body however when I asked about the white blood cells, she said she did not know. Lorna asked other people to try but they told her they don’t know. Lorna thanked the lady who tried to answer on the roles of the 2 blood cells before telling them the actual roles of these cells. Lorna said the red blood cells were responsible for carrying carbon dioxide out of the body and oxygen in the body, while the white blood cells were responsible for fighting diseases. Lorna added that the white blood cells are composed of 4 other cells that is; the Macrophage cell which is also known as the big eater. The big eater like it’s name says is responsible for eating whatever Antigen comes into the body and sends messages to the captain of the body about the invaders. Then we have the T4 helper cell also known as the CD4 cell which is the captain of the body. This cell receives messages from the big eater that there are invaders in the body. This cell then calls for the B cell and T8 cell to search for and destroy the invader. The CD4 cell is also that cell which the HIV virus likes to dominate and if this cell is affected being the captain , it can no longer send messages to the cell responsible for manufacturing other antibodies to help fight the virus. The B cells role is to identify the invader and make antibody like keys which fit the antigen. These can recognize the invader the next time they invade the body. Lastly they looked at the T8 cell or killer cell and like its name says , its responsible for killing the antigens. The community members paid close attention during the lesson and were very eager to learn as they were so attentive. Lorna asked if there were any questions and the members were quiet . Lorna told them that they will be able to act this out so that they will be able to understand this fully. Conclusion Lorna thanked them for coming especially this one old woman who was the first at the meeting place. She encouraged others to follow her example. Lorna then left for Jinja. 

Next Visit: 2018-11-23 - Purpose: Review the previous lesson the Immune system and teach the next lesson transmission.