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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2018-11-16

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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The Immune System 
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Learning Objectives
The learn and understand the functions of the immune system Demonstrate how HIV attacks the immune system
Introduction Lorna was in this village where she taught about the immune system. Overview Lorna started by reviewing the previous topic which was HIV/AIDS transmission. Lorna started by asking them what are some of the ways one can get infected with HIV and what are those ways where one cannot get infected. On the ways in which one can get infected they mentioned; Through having sex with an infected person, they looked at shaRing sharp instruments, through mother to child during birth among others. Someone also mentioned through kissing and Lorna asked whether this was true and most of the people said yes but Lorna said one cannot get HIV through saliva although they can get if one of them is infected and both of them have wounds in the mouth. They then moved on to the ways that one cannot contract HIV and they mentioned; shaking hands, hugging, drinking in the same cup, sharing the same clothes. Lorna thanked them for their answers and then also reviewed with them the four fluids through which HIV is transmitted. Lorna asked them what these fluids were; they mentioned Blood as the only fluid they know however, one boy in the congregation mentioned breast milk. Lorna asked the parents to clap for him and using this boy she encouraged the parents to educate their children. Lorna added semen and vaginal fluids as other fluids through which HIV is transmitted.After the review Lorna introduced the new topic the immune system. Lorna reminded the community that HIV affects our immune system and if not taken care of can lead to premature death. Lorna also added that under the immune system they will be looking at the red and white blood cells. She asked if anyone knows the role of these cells and none of them knew. Lorna mentioned that the red blood cells were responsible for carrying oxygen in the body and out carbon dioxide while, the white blood cells were responsible for fighting off diseases. She then distributed some papers to them which had pictures of drawings of the immune system. She asked any of them what was in the drawing and if they could just mention exactly what they saw in the pictures. One man said he sees a drawing of something opening its mouth and eating food, the little boy said he sees the white blood cells and also the HIV virus which was indeed correct. Lorna called the boy to the front to show them what he had seen. The boys mother was very impressed as well as the community members. Lorna asked who else sees something?, and no one responded.Lorna thanked the gentleman and the little boy for their answers. The drawing the gentleman described was indeed a drawing of the one of the white blood cells called the BIg eater. The big eaters role is to eat whatever germ that comes into the body and then send messages to the captain of the immune system which is the T4 or CD4 cell. The CD4 cell receives the message from the big eater and orders the other 2 cells to attack and destroy the invader. The B cell which is one of the cells called to action by the captain is like a factory whereby it makes copies of the invader so that if the invades ever comes again it can destroy it.The T8 cell on the other hand attacks the invader and kills it directly. Lorna however emphasized that the HIV attacks the CD4 cells and destroys it and when it has done this the body has no more defense Incase any invader attacks the immune system. Lorna added therefore an HIV positive person needs to ensure that whatever opportunistic disease attacks the immune system they should treat them. Diseases like Diarrhea, tuberculosis, malaria. Lorna added that the body gets attacked by many diseases but the immune system is able to fight them off but if HIV attacks and kills the Immune system, the body is left with no more protection hence whatever diseases attack the immune system after this kills the body/ person. Conclusion The lesson was concluded by dramatizing the whole immune system and how it fights off diseases but when attacked by HIV the person is left without protection and therefore any disease that attacks the person at this point can kill them. Lorna finished by asking whether HIV is the one that kills the person or the diseases. The people were still confused according to their responses. Lorna will review this on the next visit and ensure the community understands fully. 

Next Visit: 2018-11-28 - Purpose: Teach on the relationship between HIV/AIDS and STDs .

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4990 Lorna teaching on the immune system.
4993 Here Lorna was demonstrating on the Elephant game on the Immune system.