Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Ituba Namalowe - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-11-19

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2018-11-20 04:36:06 UTC
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To mobilise themselves for another general community water meeting on wednesday 21/11/2018 
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To call the mobilisers on a tuesday and remind them about mobilising everyone to attend the next meeting and planning on what will be discussed in the meeting. 
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Three Stone Fires
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There is still a great need for clean water as dime people walk more than 2Km to a nearby and congested borehole 
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Village Notes
Ituba village is now undergoing the steps to be fulfilled before a new well is drilled 

Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex met with the community members of Ituba Namalowe to begin the process of preparing the village to under go all the steps to be met before the new well can be drilled in this village. He met with a group of about 64 people and he first reminded them to maintain their sanitation standards in their homes as this is foundation that guarantees health living. Having carried out a third evaluation in the village, it was realized that about 12 homes hadn’t met all the requirements in their homes and some of them have new pits but haven’t constructed on them yet. Also the dish racks were relatively fewer and many homes needed to finish constructing those standard dish racks. While in the meeting, the village current sanitation status was discussed and the village members were encouraged to maintain the required standards. The community Development Officer, Mr Waiswa Suula also called on his village people to listen to what Kibo is telling them as this helps so much the village to live health. Clean water would only stay clean and safe it is used in a clean home with all the required sanitation facilities up to standards. Alex had to remind the village again that they have not been working to get a new well in their well but this gift should just encourage them to always keep the good sanitation standards in their community. Alex briefly talked about the steps that the village has to meet before this new borehole is drilled including the village contrition s. The village would also select a water user committee that would aid the program. The village in general was very happy to hear the good news of a new well that will be provided by Kibo group and all promised to cooperate in the entire process. Alex would go back to guide the community as they select a new water user committee that will Sid in the whole process of borehole drilling and making sure the village meets all the requirements 
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2018-11-21 - Purpose: Water meeting with the community members
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