Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo A - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2018-11-28

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2018-11-29 07:35:53 UTC
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There is a great feeling of community ownership the fact that many people have contributed money for the borehole repair and maintenance 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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The well that needs to be repaired is located in the upper part of Nawandyo A and is the first borehole in this locality drilled in 1992 

Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,roles and responsibilities 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Alex together with two water user committee members first moved up to the borehole site to check on the new borehole fence and make sure it meets the standards and correct where need be. Most of the poles that were used to construct the fence are very strong and meet the standards but the community will have to add in more poles to fill the gaps. This borehole for a very long time had never had a fence but it now has one. The soak pit that existed before was very filthy and all the people with cows would bring their cows to drink water at the borehole. They were told on how to construct a better soak of which they did and now needs to be filled with stones. Alex then had to visit some 5 homes near the well to evaluate the sanitation and hygiene standards in these homes and he was very happy that majority of the people are working very hard in their homes making sure they have all the facilities. He saw two new dish racks and in one home he had to talk to a child about proper way of constructing a long lasting hand washing station. He then moved into the meeting with the water user committee who had all gathered for a meeting. They discuss their individual roles and responsibilities of which each post was told their duties and Alex emphasized on unity first amongst the water user committee and also have respect for each other. All the people on this new water user committee none of them new their roles and responsibilities but after the meeting, they were very happy to know what a they are to perform. Alex also emphasized on transparency and making sure they hold community meetings to discuss about the borehole management ways and involve all the water users on every step and encourage all to contribute money for the borehole account. The chairman of the water user committee, Mr Kyambu was told to be very active and being the head of the committee ,he needs to be very involved and active giving a sense of direction to the rest of the committee members and the water users. The village has also contributed 250,000/= for the borehole account and repair. The borehole will soon be repaired and there after guide the community on making sure they come up with borehole bylaws. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-05 - Purpose: Borehole repair and formation of bylaws

Report Photos

5092 One of the dish racks that has been maintained in Nawandyo A
5095 For every long time this well had never had a fence but now has finally got one.
5098 This is a new soak pit that was dug to replace a flooded soak pit
5101 A new dish rack being constructed in a home to replace an old one that had collapsed
5104 A dish rack in Kanale home serving it’s purpose