Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2018-11-14

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Tom Ngobi
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2018-12-03 00:04:52 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2018-12-03 00:23:44 UTC
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10:05-18:25 (8 h 20 m)
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12:30-15:55 (3 h 25 m)
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4 h 55 m

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To check on sanitation improvements, facilities. 
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Tom Ngobi 
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Tom made a visit to Kisiro village to check on sanitation and hygiene improvements as well as facility construction and standards. When he arrived in the village, he found that there was a memorial service going on for one of the community members who passed on a year ago. Some of the village residents had gone to attend. The few committee members who were present suggested to visit a section of the village where the residents have dug some pits but have not progressed with them for a while. Mr mwoda one of the committee members suggested a home of his uncle whom he said he was not being responsible. He said even though it was hard to confront his uncle, he said it was the right time to do so because he has been talking to him but no action has been taken by his uncle. In the first section, they first visited a home of one of the residents who has started on the pit but also for a while he has not progressed. He said he would have finished the pit but his wife is sick in the hospital with a heart problem. The committee members and Tom wished them a quick recovery and they moved on to another section where they found a pit being dug as well as in a newly constructed home, the resident had also started on a pit for his home. Tom encouraged him to work hard and finish his latrine as it’s important to have a latrine even before entering the house. When in several other homes, Tom and the committee members were encouraging residents on dish rack standardization as well as shower facilities. When they reached Mwonda’s uncle’s place, they found no body in the home. On inspecting the pit, it was still at 8ft. Mwoda still committed to talking to his uncle so that he can finish the pit and construct the latrine. In other homes, there Tom also encouraged residents to use some cement on there shower facilities to strengthen them. 

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Many residents get their water from the swamp and ponds 
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2018-11-19 - Purpose: To check on sanitation and hygiene improvements
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5110 A new latrine being constructed
5113 Committee members inspecting one of the pits being dug for a new latrine