Health and Spiritual Empowerment - Bupeni - Kaliro

Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2018-12-10

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Ida Bazonoona
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2018-12-11 04:21:20 UTC
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Ida Bazonoona
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2018-12-11 05:57:22 UTC
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10:39-18:41 (8 h 2 m)
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Current State

Participation Rating
En have not reduced in number since Ida started teaching but has increased. 
Village Critical Needs
Stoves are needed. 
Village Action Steps
Mantain the unity and hygiene. 
Staff Action Steps
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
They clean the borehole compound every Saturday. 
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
The unity they have has made it possible to own their village. 
Village Notes
The chairperson LC3/ CDO warned the community of the mass home improvement campaign which is going to take place in Bupeni. He said that every one must work on their facilities that they are not dragged to prison. The community is busy building dish racks, rubbish pits, latrine etc. The chairperson is not worried because Kibo prepared his village (Bupeni) long time. They are ready for whoever comes to inspect them. 

Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Ida Bazonona 
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Lesson Taught
Health lesson 1: Hygiene and Sanitation 
Ida went to Bupeni and continued with the hygiene lesson, she asked the community to remind her what they learned the previous week. They said that boiling drinking water is very important, having latrin. After the preview, she asked what are the problems got from poor hygiene. Naigaga said that sickness related to poor sanitation. Kika asked what are those sicknesses? Nangobi gave a list of three. 1. Diehrrea, cholera and dysentery. Kasanvu said that he doesn’t think whether water from the borehole is supposed to be boiled. Then Babalanda said that water must be boiled no matter where it’s drawn from. Nakiyemba encouraged the community to boil drinking water because her children are ever suffering from typhoid which is caused by dirty water. And also encouraged the community to pack water for their children because they drink water from swamps with animals. Namwase said that boiled water doesn’t taste like water, she has never been sick from drinking un boiled water. But the neighbor proved her wrong because she is ever sick but claims that it’s witch craft. When we decide to do the small things that we most times don’t think are important, like boiling water, washing hands with soap and water before eating and after using the latrine, will prevent many sicknesses related to poor hygiene and also save money and time. Ida concluded by a hand washing demonstration. 

Next Visit: 2018-12-17 - Purpose: Ida will do a preview of all lessons and evaluate the progress.