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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-02-01

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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
Prevent Ownership
The post elections left the village divided but the chairman and his Local council committee are working together to see that the village is unified. 
Allow Ownership
Working together as a community 
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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

New Buyanga Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Lorna Katagara,Suzan Keddi 
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Learning Objectives
Understanding the role of parents in preventing teenage pregnancy
Introduction Lorna went to this village to teach the role of parents in preventing teenage pregnancy. Overview Lorna and Suzan , Chris reached the village earlier than the usual and decided to move around to remobilize reminding the community members of the meeting. Lorna, Suzan and Chris also noticed the sanitation was good, facilities smeared except for one home that did not have a latrine structure but had the hole. Lorna, Suzan and Chris went here after they saw a young boy helping himself. They asked the lady they found why they don’t have a latrine. She said that the husband was making bricks for the latrine structure and indeed there were bricks at the front of the house. They advised her to tell her husband to construct as soon as possible. In Farouks home , they passed by there to also remind them about the meeting. Farouk was one of the men named in the fight during the local council elections and he was just released from prison because he says they accused him of trying to murder a woman in the village by struggling her. After Farouk’s return to the village though, the community is very segregation of them especially those that did not want the current chairman to go though. On the previous visit Lorna visited this home and encouraged Farouk and his two wives to get rid of all bitterness and to forgive each other and move on for the sake of the development of the village. Farouk thanked Lorna for always visiting his home but Lorna said she just hopes him and his friends put their differences aside for the betterment of their community. Farouk told Lorna that he just lost his father but what was special about this is that members of the community came and visited his home to give their condolences. He says that he did not expect that. Lorna was happy about this report and she told him that this is one step towards reconciliation. Farouk told Lorna however that he forgave the chairman but Lorna encouraged him to tell it to the chairman because as of now he alone knows that he has forgiven the chairman but the chairman does not know that. After this Lorna, Suzan and Keddie went back to the meeting place. At the meeting place they waited a few minutes before starting the meeting until the community members had gathered. The chairman opened the meeting by a word of prayer and invited Lorna to teach. Lorna asked Suzan and Chris to introduce themselves before Lorna started to teach. Lorna started by reviewing the previous lesson however not everyone remembered because previously it started raining before they went really deep. The topic was the role of parents in preventing teenage pregnancy. Now a background check of this village is that this is the village where Life Skills started. This was also because there were many young mothers and the site and situation was disturbing. This was a very sensitive lesson. Lorna started by asking the community how many of them feel when they see a teenager pregnant?. Lorna said for her she feels very devastated, confused and wonders the person responsible for this girls pregnancy did they think of her age, her future before destroying this girls future. She added that at this point the girls life has changed totally she has to stop thinking about herself and now has another person she should be concerned about and she added we all know that this eventually ends into marriage or the person in charge going to prison or running away. Lorna then continued that it is the role of both parents to see to it that teenage pregnancy stops now. Lorna added that parents need to create friendships with their children , share their life stories with them and even if the got them in their early years or teenage years, share with them the challenges they faced during this time and why it is important for them to finish school before making babies. Lorna added that parents should be open enough to tell their children what love is and what sex is. Also Lorna added that parents should also follow up with their children’s school progress because sometimes children tend to perform poorly and the end result is the parents saying that my child is “dense” and just wasting our money why not get married?. Lorna encouraged the parents to go to school and get counsel from the teachers so they can help their children with their grades other than opting for school dropout which may lead to teenage pregnancy. Lorna asked the community what they think was their role as parents towards ensuring their children finish school and not get pregnant. Kabaye mentioned that some parents don’t want to be to be told that their children are behaving badly. For example when they are wearing revealing clothes, moving out with boys in the night. Some parents are very defensive and don’t want to be told about their children’s wrongs. He therefore encouraged parents to not act rudely but appreciate the person telling them about their children’s behavior and follow up with their child. Another man added that parents should take their children to weddings, and parties that would make children admire to be like the people holding those important functions instead of taking them to places of dancing, drinking places where they have nothing to learn. Lorna added parents should be live examples to their children because if either of the parents have ill manners like abusing their women, being unfaithful to themselves, this is what the children will pick. Lorna also told them to be more involved in their children’s lives. Conclusion Lorna concluded by thanking the members for coming and handed over the community stove the chairman as they had more burning issues to discuss. This is about changing the current borehole committee. 

Next Visit: 2019-02-15 - Purpose: Teach on dangers of early marriages under decision making.

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