Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Naibowa - Kamuli

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-02-20

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Alex Walyomu
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2019-02-21 03:02:14 UTC
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Alex Walyomu
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2019-02-21 06:54:02 UTC
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10:38-19:02 (8 h 24 m)
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12:36-17:32 (4 h 56 m)
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3 h 28 m

Large group meetings

Men in Attendance
Women in Attendance
Staff Attendees
Enock Madoolo,Walyomu Alex,Falon Barton 
Government Attendees
LC1,CAO,VHT,Parish Chief,Parish Councillor 
Vistior Attendees
Government officials 
Total Attendance
Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
Lesson Taught
Alex, Enock and Falon visited Naibowa village to carry out a triggering session in open defecation. As they arrived they were so welcomed to the meeting place where they waited for the people to come for the general meeting. As we where waiting for the residents to come, some government officials also arrived from the sub county to also learn and emphasize the importance of sanitation and hygiene. When we where waiting for more residents to come, the drama group was entertaining the community in songs which are related to poor sanitation and how to solve those problems. They also performed drama games which were related to poor sanitation, causes of poor sanitation and how to over come those challenges and conditions. During the songs from the drama group, many people gathered to learn and also listen from the WASH team. During the start of the meeting, the chairperson stood up to open up the meeting with the word of prayer and after welcomed all the visitors in this village to start the triggering session. Alex stood up to start introducing the program and everyone who came for the triggering. Since it was already 3:00pm we couldn’t start with Mapping of the village sine time was really against us. We started with the Fiscal matter cycle demonstrating to the residents how flies, animals, fingers, food, water is contaminated, to show how open defecation cause many diseases to them say Diarrhea, trachoma, dysentery, typhoid, bilharzia and many more disease which results into a lot of expenses and expenditures and if sickness persists, may cause death. Enock participated in carrying out fiscal matter calculation, he also facilitated about the expenses and funeral expenditures. This really showed so many people how much they spend of sickness for one child. They calculated from when a child is sick of diarrhea, first treatment got in a near by clinic, if sickness persists transferring them to the main hospital, including all costs of treatments for example buying drip water, medicine, blood drip if it’s required and many more. The people were really attentive listening because all this was touching and concerning to them. We also asked about the qualities a good latrine, before people thought they had latrines but when we asked them the qualities they all realized they didn’t have proper latrines. The community members saw how much they spend on medication. This opened their mind and all agreed to work together to fight open defecation. Alex also facilitated about the poor facilities they have, importance of Sanitation and hygiene. He showed them examples of bad latrines, then he put more emphasis on construction of good standard latrine, shower areas, dish racks, kitchen areas, rubbish pits, clean compounds, talked about smearing as well. The community agreed to complete the program in two months. Some of the community members volunteered to be part of the health committee, we handed over all the pick Axes and shovels which were donated to accelerate the program and kick start the work of digging pits latrines. Falon was also working on taking pictures through the triggering session. 

Current State

Participation Rating
Many people came for the triggering sessions. 
Village Critical Needs
They need a water source which has good water for home consumption 
Village Action Steps
To start digging new pit latrines 
Staff Action Steps
To continue teaching the residents the values of sanitation and hygine 
CLTS Progress
Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
Other Class Notes
Community Ownership
Ownership Story
Three Stone Fires
Access to Clean Water
Open Defecation
Water Access Explain
They will need a new borehole since some people they go to the swamp for water 
Prevent Ownership
Allow Ownership
Good leadership 
Village Notes
The triggering sessions was successful, many people came to learn the challenges resulting from open defecation. 

Next Visit: 2019-02-27 - Purpose: To start the follow up visits checking home to home, teaching, sensitizing, monitoring and evaluating the program.

Report Photos

5885 The drama group singing a song about sanitation to the gathering of people
5888 A group of about 80 people came at the triggering
5891 The people were very happy to learn more about sanitation from Kibo group
5894 The drama group presenting a play about