Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Budumba - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-03-20

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2019-03-21 03:58:24 UTC
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Water Users Committee Check-In

Ws Name
Current Fund Balance
Follow up
Water Committee
Soak Pit
Compound Condition
Jerrycan Condition
Men On Committee
Women On Committee
Total Members
Committee Accomplishments
Ensuring that the borehole is clean, village contributions and ensuring a safe water chain meaning that the Jerrycans are clean and their homes are clean. 
Committee Challenges
Poor turn up of people at the water meetings whenever they are called upon and some people failing to contribute money towards the borehole account. 
Other Committee Notes
The water user committee needs to meet more often and not to wait until there is an emergency 
Ws Notes
The water source in Budumba has been operating for now about a year. Alex went to meet with the water user committee members and still encourage them about their roles and responsibilities and follow up on the borehole contributions. The village came up with their bylaws that everyone abides to including contributing money towards their borehole to meet any future repairs. One time their borehole broke down and they managed to fix it immediately getting money from their borehole account. Alex met with some of the committee members and he reminded them to always be responsible and active at all times remembering all the bylaws that have to be followed by all the water users. The available borehole fund balance is now 380,000/= and he told them to continue asking the people to raise the money as it was agreed upon in the bylaws. The LC 1 chairperson and the sanitation committee also were encouraged to continue telling the village residents to maintain their sanitation and hygiene facilities to keep a safe water chain. Alex then met with the drama group based in Budumba village to prepare and mobilize them for the triggering activity in Mpumiro village on Friday 22/03/2019. This is the first time Kibo is using this group during triggering and Alex went to brief them of what they are expected to do that day. He told them to arrive Mpumiro village by 11:00am to start mobilizing the village since the meeting is expected to begin at 2:00pm. The group seemed very organized and ready to perform and teach about Sanitation and hygiene through drama and songs. WASH has decided to use this drama group because the one that had been used before hasn’t been very active and has been quite disappointing to us. This group will be evaluated after the Friday triggering in Mpumiro to see if it can be the drama group that WASH will be using in Namutumba district. 
Program success
The village has maintained their hygiene facilitie 
Program critical needs
The women are in need of spiritual and health prog 
Observed program ownership
The village still contributes money for their well 
Other program observations
Expectations of village
The village will have to mobilise themselves 
Staff preparations
Call the village leaders to mobilize the community 

Next Visit: 2019-03-22 - Purpose: Evaluation of the drama group

Report Photos

6203 Mrs. Edson very happy cooking on her new stove
6206 Edison has re smeared his kitchen
6209 The drama group in Budumba that will be performing in Mpumiro during triggering