Health and Spiritual Empowerment - Bupeni - Kaliro

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-03-20

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2019-03-21 07:49:01 UTC
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Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Irene went to Bupeni and taught about community and male involvement in support for pregnant women during the pregnancy period and she started by asking for the number of men with pregnant women and 4 men raised their hands and some were not aware and the reason they gave was that their women don’t tell them until they see their wives stomach swollen and change in the mood.Naikoba said it’s always a secret to women and once one mentions it something can happen to the baby so it’s up to one to notice the pregnancy.But Irene encouraged women to feel free with their pregnancy because it’s always a gift from God and it’s the only way they can enjoy their pregnancy.Irene also encouraged men and the community to offer support to the pregnant women since during this period anything can happen that needs immediate attention like convulsions,bleeding,excess vomiting,high temperature and many other things that once not attended to can claim their lives. Irene also encouraged women and couples to form support groups,income generating activities,regular visits to the health centers,share their problems with friends who can advise positively,avoid using herbal drugs since they can harm them and the baby,men to support their wives with house work, move with them to the health centers,in order to receive detailed information regarding pregnancy, make early preparations for the baby before the last months of pregnancy, and also community members to offer full support to the pregnant mother. Irene encouraged the members to ask questions and musitwa asked what would be the first thing to do when a woman starts bleeding and feeling severe pain during pregnancy.? Irene encouraged them to call for help and immediately take her to the nearby health center,Nairuba asked,why do my pregnancies come out every time I get pregnant ? Irene advised her to go to the health unit for medical checkups and to see a doctor in order to find out what the real problem is. The community members showed great participation and asked several questions and men promised to offer full support to their wives and always seek medical help on time. 
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Next Visit: 2019-03-27 - Purpose: Services offered to couples and pregnant women when they visit the health unit and birth preparedness plan.