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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-03-25

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Your Life Stories,Your Goals 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
-Identify factors that might have some impact on their future plans -Define what a goal is and to Know the difference between short term and long term goals
Introduction Lorna went to continue with the topic Decision making Skills. Overview On arrival Lorna went straight to the headteachers office to sign in before moving to the Life Skills class. At the office she was met by the assistant Headteacher whom she asked where the Headteacher was and she was informed that he had an emergency back at home. After here Lorna headed to the Life Skills class. They started by a review of what they learnt previously on who is a role model and the qualities of a role model. They were able to add some more qualities of a role model such as hardworking, God fearing, empathetic, loves what they do among others. Lorna asked the pupils who did not get a chance to mention whom their role models were previously to do so. Eric the class monitor said his role model is pastor Bugingo and when asked why he said he wants to preach the gospel to the lost, another pupil said her mother is her role model because she is hardworking, another pupil the assistant class monitor said her step mother is her role model because she is hardworking, loving and caring. After this review, they went on to look at a subtopic under Decision making known as “ Life Story”. Here participants are encouraged to share their life story and experiences in life and if there were challenges the thing to take out was how it was overcame and did not deter them from their future. Lorna asked the pupils to participate but they seemed shy and so Lorna went first. Lorna shared her story growing up and the different challenges she went through and who and what kept her going. They experienced a certain time in their lives when everything was bad and school fees was becoming a problem but they persevered and Lorna made sure that this did not stop her from performing well at school despite the challenges she had a goal and had to make her parents proud and graduated with a second class honors..From Lorna’s story the pupils were able to pick one thing or two and share their experiences as well. Lorna told the pupils that this was not to laugh at them but this was to let someone know that these challenges are there but can be overcome for ones future to be a success. Lessons pupils picked from Lorna’s story when asked was perseverance, working hard towards achieving her goal, not giving up and finding another shortcut, looked up to her siblings. After Lorna’s story 2 pupils volunteered to share their story. Naigaga shared that when she was young and living with her grandparents, she went to a school nearby and everything was going well and she topped her class in Primary 1. However something changed when she began falling sick and could not do anything on her own. Her leg even started swelling and when they went to the witch doctor they said that she had been bewitched but her father was not about to give up on her even though she was hopeless. She thought that she would never be at School ever again .The father did everything to ensure that she got better. Her fathers determination for her to get better also helped her to stay strong and only prayed for her to get well. One day she collapsed and everyone thought she had died and her grave was actually dug but she woke up after a while and instead a banana stem was planted in the hole. All the pupils were very attentive and were very quiet as some were shocked listening to this story and even the sign language teacher. Lorna asked the pupil what she learnt from this whole experience and she said that never to give up and trust God and she added that she is also thankful to her dad who did not give up on her and on her studies as if it was not for him not giving up on her she would not be at Bukhana Primary School now and in Primary Six. The second story was also almost similar to this one as it also involved sickness but Namulondos step mother also played an important role in her life that helped her not to drop out of School. She was diagnosed with hepatitis and she thought she was going to die and when her real mother was informed about her health, she also said she was sick and did not have money to take care of her. Her stepmother however took care of her even when she did not have money for the medical bills and her school together with her other siblings until now she is is primary six. Namulondo would have given up school because she was very sickly and her real mother did not even care for her but her step mothers love helped her not to give up.Lorna thanked the pupils for their participation and asked the pupils to clap for them. This was to encourage the pupils whatever situation they were going through, they can maneuver and be successful people in the end. Lastly they looked at Setting goals ; here they were able to define what a goal is and also they were able to look at short term and long term goals. They defined what a short term goal and a long term goal is and because of time Lorna left them with an assignment to list 5 short and long term goals. They will start from there and will set goals together in a goals worksheet next week before looking at Early Pregnancy as the next topic. Conclusion Lorna thanked the pupils for participating and told them not to forget their assignment next week. 
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Pupils opening up more and willing to participate 
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Lorna left them with an assignment. 
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Prepare for the next lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-04-01 - Purpose: Finish with Goal setting and introduce a new topic Early Pregnancy

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6230 The first 6 pupils are the deaf pupils attending Life Skills class
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