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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-01

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Lesson Taught
Early Pregnancy,Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
- To know and understand the causes and effects/ consequences to the girl child/ boy child
Introduction Lorna returned to Bukhana Primary School to continue with the topic Decision making. Overview Lorna arrived and as usual went straight to the Headteacher’s office to notify them of her arrival. After that she headed straight to the Lifeskill’s class, where she was welcomed by the pupils before starting the lesson. Together with the 2 life-skills staff teachers took the pupils through the previous lesson where they looked at What a goal is and the definition of a Long and short term goal. In today’s lesson however they started with various examples of Short and log term goals before teaching the new topic Early Pregnancy. Lorna asked for examples of short term goals and long term goals and the pupils put up their hands. Whichever pupil put up their hand, Lorna handed pieces of chalk for them to write their answers on the chalk board. Some of the examples of short term goals given were; working hard, attending class always, being disciplined, participating in class, reading and Lorna told them to add passing Exams a and she also asked some of the pupils what their favorite subjects was and some mentioned, Science, Religious studies, Social studies, Mathematics, and a few mentioned English. Lorna also asked for their least favorite.This explains why English language is a challenge for the pupils in this School. Lorna however told them the reason why she asked them this question was for them to make their least subject their short term goal. She asked each pupil to write down “To Pass whichever was their least subject of their choice and to do whatever it takes for them to pass it. She also mentioned to Pass Exams as a short term goal. Lorna added reading,writing and speaking English as another short term goal which can be done through practice. She encouraged the pupils to practice writing a English.Examples of long term goals were ; to become; Teachers, lawyers, doctors, farmers, musicians among others. Lorna however also told them to add Sitting their Senior 4 and senior 6 National examinations and passing them highly. They then went to the topic of the day which was on Early Pregnancy. They went ahead and defined what Early Pregnancy was and then Lorna grouped the pupils up into 3 different groups and for each group there was a topic. Group A “ discussed Causes of Early Pregnancy, Group B” discussed Effects and causes of early pregnancy to the Boy child, Group C” discussed Effects of Early pregnancy to the girl child. Lorna took on Group C as her co-teachers took on A and B. The discussion went on for about 20 minutes before having 2 representatives from each group presenting what they had discussed. Some of the causes of Early pregnancy looked at were Poverty, early marriages, being orphaned, lack of scholastic materials, Adolescence, bad touches. Some examples of the effects of Early pregnancy to the girl child were; shame, fear, loss of parental love, parental neglect, possible death during child birth. The Effects to the boy were ; Imprisonment, HIV/AIDS and other diseases, too much responsibility and causes mentioned were Adolescence, girls wearing provoking clothing which sent the class to laughter. Lorna discouraged bad dressing and gave examples and she urged the girls to dress decently to avoid being lured into sex through bad touches which can lead to early pregnancy. Conclusion Lorna thanked the pupils for participating and also left them with an assignment to write reading time tables as a short term goal for those that did not have one. 
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Prepare for the next lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-04-08 - Purpose: Continue with Early Pregnancy

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6344 The two life skills teachers co- teaching with Lorna
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