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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-03

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Learning Objectives
-To be able to make better informed decisions -To share and learn from different stories how to persevere through situations
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to this village where they continued with the Topic Decision Making looking at “Life Story”. Overview Immediately Lorna and Manuela reached, they were welcomed by the chairman Balaki and the host of the home in which we meet. After waiting a few minutes they were joined by members of the community and the lesson began. The chairman welcomed the members of the community and thanked them for listening to his call and responding by coming to the meeting. After his welcoming remarks, he welcomed Lorna and Manuela to pass onto them whatever information they had carried for them. Lorna greeted the members and took them through a review of the previous lesson which was steps in making decisions. That is to say for whatever decision one makes, they have to think through it before finally coming to a conclusion. Those that were present put up their hands when asked what some of those steps were. They mentioned about 5 of them which was a good start. Lorna gave hem various examples in making decisions for example when their child is not performing well, some parents tend to decide that the child should stay home , change school even before they think through the situation. In this scenario for example, a parent should think through and work with the child to find out what is going on in their life, school before deciding to let them stay home as some of them may say I think it runs in the family with statements like if My grandparents, parents, myself did not do well in school, I think it’s catching up with my child and so I think it’s better for them to stay home and look for something else. Lorna reminded them that among the steps they learnt , there is consequences of ones decision. In this case if the parent decided the child should stay home, and the child got pregnant would they blame the child?. It is because they were not guided and some decisions were made drastically. They looked at several other examples before moving to the topic of the day “Life Story”. Under Life stories, the lesson helps community members identify some factors that might have some impact on their future plans, Some challenges and what kept them focused throughout the process or life changing experience. Community members were asked to volunteer and share their stories. Lorna also urged the community members that this topic is not about spreading rumours but uplifting each other,receiving counsel and helping someone else who is in that same situation to to hang in there and no situation is permanent. The chairman volunteered to share his story but it was not related to the topic and so Manuela took over and decided to share her own life story for the community to understand. After this one Man Mr.Bageya came up and decided to share his story. He spoke of how he left the village his fathers home at age 18 to look for work and a better life. There was an opportunity that came up for people to work with the Uganda Railways. He went and was given the job and was paid 200 Uganda shillings monthly and were given 2 days off to do something else. At this place he was accused of stealing tools which forced him to move and look for another job. He decided to go into Charcoal burning where they would transport them on bicycles to Kampala from Jinja. One day he got arrested and he gave them the only money he had which was 900 Uganda shillings and he was released. The story was really long and very touching with many lessons to learn along the way. Manuela asked what his main target/ goal was through it all and he said he just wanted a better life to provide for his family which kept him getting onto whatever work crossed his path. Settling back home for Bagaye was not going to be easy even after those years as the community members were not very welcoming of him. They went to an extent of stoning his house just to threaten him to leave but, he stayed and this was also with the help of the chairman. The community was asked if the heard of this story before and they said No. Lorna asked if he would have kept it to himself none of us would not have known the struggles he has gone through. When asked what they learnt from the story, they said Perseverance, hardworking and determination and one should have a goal. Conclusion Manuela and Lorna thanked the community for coming and told them that they will be returning next week Wednesday to teach about “Goals”. 
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Next Visit: 2019-04-10 - Purpose: Teach Goal Setting

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6398 Mr. Bageya sharing his Life Story as all of us were listening