Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawampiti - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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HIV/STDs Prevention,Disease Progression and Positive Behaviour 
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Introduction Lorna was here in this village to teach on HIV/AIDS prevention , Disease Progression and positive behavior. Overview On arrival I was informed that that the chairman and a few people were to go to a nearby village to attend a burial of one of the community members. The chairman therefore requested that at a certain point of time when transport had been organized, they requested to be allowed to leave. Also another challenge usually during the rainy season, the turn up is usually low and because it rained previously the turn up was low. However it did not stop Lorna from delivering what she had planned for the day. Lorna decided to go ahead and teach the topic of the day. Therefore when the time reached for them to leave they excused themselves and left. The LC3 Chairman who was passing by on a motorcycle stopped at the meeting place and decided to join them. Lorna started with HIV prevention and she asked the community that this topic was not new and that she needed their participation. Lorna asked the community members how we can stop the prevalence of HIV in the our Country or Nawampiti as a village at large. They mentioned not sharing sharp instruments , getting an HIV test. Lorna also mentioned being faithful to one partner and she added that these days people have what they call “side dishes” and that is, someone other than their wife whom they get to spend time with and also go as far a being sexually involved but sometimes may not use protection hence putting their family at risk. Lorna therefore encouraged being faithful to their partners. Lorna added on top of this that one should not to have many sexual partners as this can put all their lives at risk. This is called Sexual Network. The chairman LC3 added Abstinence. He added that if the worst comes to the worst than one should abstain from Sex. Lorna added telling someone ones status that is to say opening up to someone they intend to spend their life with also helps in HIV prevention because then if the intent is to get married to this person then they can visit a health center and advised accordingly. Too much consumption Alcohol was another prevention measure. Lorna mentioned that everyone knows that too much consumption of alcohol can cloud the mind making one to be involved in actions that will endanger their lives since one does not have a clear judgement of what is going on around them. Using a condom was another answer given by the chairman LC3. Lorna added using gloves when in contact with blood, giving birth in hospitals among others. One old lady mentioned that the men don’t want to test for HIV . Lorna responded however that it is useless for only one partner to test when the other has not but that does not mean that the other partner should not test and continue living cautiously. She advised them to continue talking to their husband and maybe involve a third party whom they both trust to talk to them about the importance of testing for HIV. She also encouraged them to pray for their families. They then went to disease progression and positive Behavior. They discussed the different stages like; the incubation period, Window Period and the honeymoon period. They discussed the window period as that period before tests shows that one is infected with HIV/AIDS. They saw that this takes a period of 3-6 months. Lorna therefore encouraged that one should test more than once to get to know their actual HIV status. This is because one may test once and find that they are negative and not go back for another test and yet they have been involved in risky sexual behaviors. They looked at the incubation stage which is the time taken for one who is HIV infected to show the signs. This however with proper treatment and nutrition can take a long time for the signs to show even up to 15 years or more. Lastly the honeymoon stage which is at the end of the above two stages here the body and the virus have become friends and living harmoniously together. A person at this stage is less likely to pass on the virus to their partner. At this stage one if one looks after themselves well and treats whatever diseases / sicknesses affecting him/her they can delay in this stage and not go to AIDS. Conclusion Since time had gone they did not look at positive behaviors which they will look at on the next visit. The chairman LC3 advised the community members to take these lessons seriously because they have a lot to learn. He added that some people claim they are busy in their gardens while others claim they know what is being taught so no need. However he said if people got infected and can no longer dig , whom would they blame? . He added that their is nothing like knowing too much. 
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Next Visit: 2019-04-26 - Purpose: Teach Cure or Treat of HIV

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