Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-04-06

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2019-04-09 07:42:10 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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Walyomu Alex 
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This was the first day of borehole drilling in Kagulu. Alex went to supervise this process to make sure water is got and witness the work of borehole drilling to its successful completion. This was a very tricky place to drill according to the surveyors report and also Kagulu has got a very hard rock that is very hard to penetrate through. Indeed it was observed that drilling through the hole was such very hard even for the drilling rig. The surveyor was also very hesitant wether it would be very possible to get water in this village. The first day of borehole drilling went on well and they managed to drill up to 36M and a very good note, the first water fracture after hitting through the rock was got at 21M. This was got from with in the rock and the water was measured to be 3600L/hr. According to the surveyors report water was being expected from between 30-40M but it was got before reaching 30M something that was very amazing. They continue drilling the next day on 7/04/2019 and drilled up to 45M. Water was measured again and a water yield of 5000L/Hr is expected. This well is expected to serve many people in the village because the existing borehole is low yield and breaks down very frequently. Our prayer was that we get enough water in Kagulu to be able to serve many of the people in this community. On Sunday when the water was being developed to clear, the community members had to bring their Jerrycans and fought for water because the borehole in the trading center had broken down and everyone needed water . The village is very happy that they will soon get some relief when they start to use this new well. Also the village participated very well and many people were present to witness this borehole drilling process. Alex will go back to complete the land agreement signing and meet with the community to discuss about the next steps and what the community is expected to do. 
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Next Visit: 2019-04-15 - Purpose: A meeting with the community members and continue to encourage the village to cooperate

Report Photos

6482 Blowing of the water to clear
6485 The village residents fighting to get water to use
6488 Drilling rig
6491 Putting gravel into the hole
6494 Installation of permanent casings
6497 Water was hit from 21M
6500 First water fracture was at 21 M
6503 Beginning of the borehole drilling process
6506 Many community members gathered to witness the new borehole drilling
6509 Some of the community members that witnessed the borehole drilling process
6515 Drillers Doing their thing