Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawampiti - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2017-12-06

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Alex Walyomu
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2017-12-06 11:21:40 UTC
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10:28-18:21 (7 h 53 m)
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Current State

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Most of the people have maintained their dish racks in place and some have built new ones after realizing that the old ones have broken down. 
Village Critical Needs
Village Action Steps
To finish building the new fence on their borehole 
Staff Action Steps
To call the area chairman and the mobilisers to notify them of the next date that kibo will be making a visit to their community. 
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Sanitation Hygiene Committee
Water Users Committee
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Three Stone Fires
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Village Notes
This village has a population of about 600 people and there are 115 households. Recently it was divided up into two, Nawampiti 1 and Nawampiti 2 by the government 

Water Community Meeting

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hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Nawampiti - Nawampiti 1 
Alex first moved in 10 homes checking on the hygiene facilities before he joined the community for the meeting. He noticed that there were 5 new dish racks that had just been constructed by the people. When he asked them about the new dish racks, they told Alex that they learnt a lot from Tom and the Clts program teaching them the importance of having a clean home with all the facilities in place. Tom spent close to two years teaching about hygiene and sanitation in Nawampiti. He looked at the pit latrines also and noticed that they were still in use and 4 of those needed to work on the structures because they were getting very old. One of the toilet was almost full and the owner promised that he was to start on a new one soon. The bathing shelters were some how a challenge as well because of the heavy rains we’ve had recently, most structures have been badly damaged and need to work on them and to build new ones. He also learnt that another NGO called water mission international has just come in to teach them more about hygiene and sanitation and the community is responding to that as well. While in the meeting, Alex realized that this community is divided and it’s because of politics. The government is organizing LC 1&2 elections country wide but this has divided them. They lack respect for one another and looked very disorganized. The area current chairman is no longer being respected at all and many people don’t even want to listen to him. Alex hoped to have a short meeting at first about a way forward and why Kibo was back to work with them but it ended up being so long because he had to unite the people and the importance of working together to lift Nawampiti. The people were very happy when they heard that Kibo was back in their community because Kibo was to help to bring them together. Alex told them to love one another, respect each other and this is the only way they will uplift their community. Nawampiti will come up if only the people live in harmony and work together. They were so happy that Kibo was back to partner with them and even have their two boreholes function well. The LC3, mr Bagise thanked Kibo for supplementing government programs and stretching a hand to many communities in Nsinze sub-county. Alex will go back to continue with the baseline survey and evaluate the hygiene status of this village. 
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Report Photos

763 The community has started working on a new fence but need to do more since it’s still looking dirty. Alex talked to them during the first visit and criticized them fir not taking good care of their borehole so they felt ashamed and started doing something.
765 During the community meeting discussing the importance of hygiene and sanitation and the need to work together as a community to uplift their community.