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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-15

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Steps in Making Good Decision 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
To understand what good decision making is and what it involves.
Introduction Lorna was in this village to review topics related to HIV/AIDS as well as introduce Decision making. Overview Lorna reached and decided to move around mobilizing the members to come to the meeting. In the 10 homes she moved in , she was also able to notice their sanitation facilities which were not bad although some needed maintenance. In another home she was able to meet an 8 year old girl who is epileptic and her mother told Lorna that they tried going to hospital and she was given some medicine but it did not help. The mother said that they even used local medicine where they bathed her with some herbs when she was still breastfeeding hoping it will help her but to no avail. When Lorna asked about the father of the child, the mother said that he does not care and that he left her to take care of this child in her own. She is the last born of 8 children and the father has 2 other wives hence 3 wives. A total of 18 children of which none has gone to school. After moving around, Lorna came back to the meeting place waited a few minutes befor e starting the meeting. After some members had turned up , Lorna started the meeting. She started with the review of all HIV lessons whereby she told the members it was important they went through the topics they learnt to ensure that they were properly understood and that they were practicing what was told. Lorna asked how many since the beginning of the topic HIV have tested since. About 3 people put up their hands. Lorna asked what the rest were waiting for and they said they were requesting if possible Lorna can help bring the people who carry out these tests to come to their village. Lorna encouraged them if they really wanted to and cared for their life, then they would take a step. They reviewed HIV transmission, HIV prevention, women and HIV /AIDS , Disease Progression and positive behaviors among others. When it reached to the rights of persons living with HIV, Lorna passed around pieces of paper and told the members to write down their 3 most important needs. Lorna told them to imagine that she was the one in charge of granting them these needs and that she can do whatever she desires with those needs. Lorna then told them to raise them up and she went around picking some of the papers, ignoring others, some she took all the papers others she took one or two while some she picked tore them, stepped on them. She then asked the group how they felt. They told her very bad and she said good because that is how a person living with HIV feels when their needs are suppressed. Lorna encouraged the community members exactly how they felt is how these people feel. Examples are ; food, shelter, medical care, right to marriage, freedom of association. Community members appreciated this lesson as one could see on everyone’s face. After this review , Lorna introduced Decision making. Lorna told the members that everyday we are faced with many decisions to make. They can be from what to wear, cook, go among others and these are easy to decide but there are those decisions which need clear thought and plan before executing for example starting a business, getting married, joining a saving group, dealing with early pregnancy, early marriages, which schools to take our children, misunderstandings in the home among others. Lorna continued and said for whatever decisions we make, we need to also think about the consequences. Lorna did not go far as time had gone. They will continue from here next time. Conclusion Lorna thanked the community members for coming and wished them a nice Easter holiday. 
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Hiv/Aids testing and counseling 
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Next Visit: 2019-05-03 - Purpose: Continue with Decision making

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6620 In this picture we had a role play of Persons living with HIV /AIDS and their rights. Lorna gave participants pieces of paper and told them to write on their 3 most important rights in life and she would instruct them on what to do.