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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Dangers of early pregnancy,Causes of early pregnancy 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
By the end of the lesson pupils learn that it is bad to get married when young because their many challenges they face therefore, their only solution is to stay in School.
Introduction Lorna went to this village to teach a follow up lesson on Early marriages after the lesson on Early pregnancy. Overview Lorna reached the school and went straight to the headmasters office to sign in before heading to the Life Skills class. In the class she did a review of the previous lesson which was the consequences of early pregnancy to the family of the pregnant girl and the boy and the consequences to the community at large. They then looked at possible solutions to early pregnancy. Some of the solutions mentioned were; Abstaining from sex, avoiding bad touches, avoiding bad peer groups, avoiding lonely places , reporting the culprits, avoid corruption among others. On the point of corruption Lorna emphasized that this practice is very common in our villages whereby the culprit is arrested but then somehow manages to buy their way out of the case. It usually happens between some parents, the LC1 and the police. Lorna told the pupils that this is wrong and we need to ensure that these people found guilty are imprisoned so that such instances do not occur. Lorna also added avoiding indecent dressing as another solution to avoid early pregnancy because what these young girls wear also provokes many “hungry” men in the village. Lorna advised the young pupils to dress well. She also encouraged them to avoid late night “Discos” . The assistant Headteacher who is also a sign language teacher asked the pupils if a disco was in the village how many would not go?, about 10 pupils put up their hand. The other pupils laughed and said those would be the first to go.She told them that many bad things can happen in such places and therefore whenever they find themselves in such places moreover in the night they should ask themselves if they are in the right place and if not which is obvious they are not, they needed to run home immediately. After that they looked at Early Marriages; causes and dangers. They first defined Early marriages as being a union or marriage where one or both parties is under the age of 18 years. Lorna explained using herself that it can be her marrying a 15 year old boy or a fellow 15 year old boy marrying a 15 year old girl. This topic was again pupil centered in that for Lorna to know that the pupils to understand , the answers had to come from them. The causes of early marriages mentioned were; Early Pregnancy, poverty, religion, child labor, orphanhood,parental neglect, Rape where Lorna explained that most times the person who raped the child is told to marry the child. Defilement was also mentioned. Lorna was able to explain how all these issues play out in connection to why there are Early marriages in our community and country at large. They also looked at the Dangers of early marriages; poverty because being young in the case of both parties being under the age of 18 years , there too many responsibilities involved. The girl is subject to Domestic violence , sexual violence since being young she does not have a voice on sexual matters, another danger looked at was death of the child during birth, prone to diseases like Hiv/AIDS , syphilis, gonorrhea, complications like Fistula for the underage girl . Fistula is a state or condition that happens when the girl tears during child birth causing leakages. This is a very big issue affecting girls who get pregnant early which is as a result of early marriages. These were some of the dangers mentioned among others. Conclusion The lesson was lively and participatory which was encouraging. Lorna encouraged the pupils to stay safe, help their parents and enjoy the festive season. Lorna will be back Wednesday 24 . 
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Next Visit: 2019-04-24 - Purpose: Teach On Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

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