Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kisiro - Namutumba

Visit by Tom Ngobi on 2019-04-15

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Tom Ngobi
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2019-04-18 09:00:48 UTC
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Tom Ngobi
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2019-04-18 09:14:40 UTC
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10:20-17:45 (7 h 25 m)
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12:35-15:30 (2 h 55 m)
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4 h 30 m

Large group meetings

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Tom Ngobi 
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LC1,Parish Councillor 
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Water Sanitation and Hygiene 
Lesson Taught
Tom made a village trip to kisiro village to hold a meeting with all the village chairmen of all sections that make up the greater kisiro. While on his way to the village, he tried to make a call to the village but his attempts failed to reach any committee member, when he arrived in the village, it was a cloud afternoon and the trading center seemed quiet and with few people. He assumed that because of the rains that recently came to the village, that residents had gone to the garden and that later they would come back from the garden. After a short while, one of the committee members came and Tom inquired about why the trading center was so quiet with few people. The committee member informed Tom about the death of an old woman from the neighboring village makena. She had great ties to kisiro because many people from kisiro village were related to her and she was a mother to one of the chairmen. The committee member moved around mobilizing a few residents who were around. Two chairmen came and a few other residents. They all requested Tom that the meeting be postponed to another day as most of the residents had gone to the funeral. Tom had nothing to do but to accompany the two chairmen to the funeral. Tom stayed there for a little while and after he left for jinja. But as they traveled to the funeral place, the two chairmen said they are very thankful to kibo for the great work they have done in me in there village. One of the two chairmen was from the lower section and he said in his section only three people remain to have latrines while the other chairman from the center said it was good to see one of his fellow chairmen finally get a latrine after he did not have one for so long and he attributed this to Kibo’s efforts towards improving the sanitation and hygiene of the village. 

Next Visit: 2019-04-24 - Purpose: To have a village meeting with the village leaders about sanitation and hygiene improvements