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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-24

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Career Guidance 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Head Teacher,Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
Prepare the pupils for the coming holidays.
Introduction Since the School term is coming to a close , Lorna thought that she needed to pay a visit to Kivule Primary School not only to take to them their school supplies but to also give them some advice to carry into the holiday. Overview Lorna reached the school and was welcomed by Mr. Maginal who is the school staff life skills teacher. He walked Lorna to the office where he introduced her to the new Headmaster Mr. Nathan Kalekewe and his Deputy Mr. Simon. Mr.Nathan was happy to receive Lorna and thanked a Kibo for what they have impacted the pupils with in Kivule P/s. He told Lorna that when he saw the clock that was in the office he asked the fellow teachers where it came from and he was told from Kibo Group. While Lorna was sighted in the headmasters office, the Life Skills pupils were still finishing up with their end of term examinations and so she had to wait for them to complete before teaching her lesson. The purpose of the visit was not to teach but to give the pupils advice as they come to the close of the School term that will help them during their holiday. Teacher Marginal started by greeting the pupils and introducing Lorna to the new life skills pupils although the former pupils did still remember Lorna. He gave them a few remarks and then welcomed the Headteacher to say a few words before inviting Lorna. The headmaster started by thanking Lorna and a Kibo for the skills they have impacted in the pupils of this School. He also told the pupils to aspire to be like Lorna and asked them how many want to be like Lorna?, many of them put up their hands. He continued and said Lorna is a woman and women are sometimes minimized and set standards for but she managed to overcome all those obstacles, study hard and look where she is now. He urged the pupils not to engage in sexual activity as they will contract diseases like HIV/AIDS. He then invited Lorna to speak and that he will add more at the end. Lorna started by greeting the pupils and then asked them what their plans for the holidays were?. Some of the answers were helping their parents, others were playing. Lorna said those were good answers. She mentioned that one of the things that make one successful is Discipline and respect where she urged them to have discipline , listen to their parents as well as respect them when they are called upon to help out with something at home or even when they are cautioned against something. Lorna added that that’s the one commandment in the Bible with a promise and she said she is sure even the Koran says something about honoring parents. It says “honor your parents and you shall live longer and that it may be well with you”. Exodus 20:12. Lorna also encouraged them to avoid Bad peer groups and this one the pupils are familiar with. She encouraged them not to do or be involved in what does concern them like drugs, alcohol, smoking. Lorna told them it is very uncomfortable to be someone else and that they need to be their own self. She encouraged them that they are perfect the way they are and don’t need to add anything else to be “cool”. She told them that no one should force them into anything they are not comfortable with in the name of being cool. Lorna encouraged them to help their parents at home, try something new. The boys she encouraged them to help at home and not leave things for the girls alone. Other things looked at were dressing decently, bathing where she encouraged washing clothes and emphasized on under garments ,bras, brushing teeth, avoid free gifts, don’t steal. Lorna concluded with Say No to SEX and emphasized that they were still young to engage in SEX. She urged them to enjoy their childhood and not be deceived by anything, everything comes in its own time and therefore they should always say NO and a strong NO when it comes to sexual advances. Lorna concluded that there no shortcuts in life and that everything has a process. Conclusion The headmaster thanked Lorna very much and had some requests like a borehole for the school. Mr. Maginal also requested Lorna for help for those pupils who have finished primary seven but can not afford to continue. Lorna said unfortunately Kibo cannot help much here as it is the parents responsibility. She told him that they willl however sensitize the parents on their role on this. 
Program success
The program is continuing well in Kivule P/S 
Program critical needs
Primary seven school drop outs 
Observed program ownership
Mr.Maginal has taken over the life skills program 
Other program observations
Expectations of village
They will be breaking off for holidays 
Staff preparations
Prepare the life skills manual to guide the teache 

Next Visit: 2019-10-25 - Purpose: Followup on the Schools progress on the life skills program

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6737 Continuing pupils of life Skills of Kivule Primary School.
6740 The new Headteacher Mr.Nathan Kalekwe addressing the pupils before inviting Lorna to talk to the pupils.