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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-04-29

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Delaying Sex 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
- Identify Strategies to help in delaying sex. - list reasons to delay to engage in any sexual activity.
Introduction It is important for children / teenagers to delay in any sexual activity for a good , bright future hence the need to Delay Sex. It is therefore important for them to delay sex until married, older or responsible enough . Overview Lorna was in Bukhana Primary School to teach on a sub topic “Delaying sex ” as a followup on Early Marriages. Lorna asked the pupils what some of the reasons to delay sex are. They mentioned to stay in School, to avoid early responsibilities which they are not ready for, to avoid being imprisoned among others. Lorna mentioned that is is important to delay sex especially for young people like you(referring to the life skills class).she mentioned sometimes boys or men will lie to them that if they really love them , they should have sex with them. Lorna urged the class that if anytime anyone throws out such a comment, they should run out of that “relationship”. Lorna urged the girls to always keep their legs closed and the boys zipped up to avoid engaging into sex early. They looked at some of the reasons teenagers/ pupils their age would agree to having sex. Most people at their age agree to having sex for reasons such as; The relationship may end, everyone is doing it so why not us, proof of love, curiosity among others. Lorna urged that these should not be the reasons why one should have sex. She urged the pupils to stick to their No’s and if the worst comes to the worst walk out of that”relationship” and if that person loves you, they will wait until your ready. Lorna urged them to be good stewards of their body as it will make God very unamused if they misused their bodies.Our bodies are the Lords temple. Lorna did not teach much as the pupils mood is about the holidays and also some pupils did not report at School. Lorna will start from here next term. Conclusion Lorna thanked them for loving the life skills program and encouraged them to take and practice everything they have learnt during their school break. She wished them a lovely holiday and also encouraged them to help out their parents . 

Next Visit: 2019-05-27 - Purpose: Continue with the topic Delaying Sex under Decision making.