Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Nawandyo B - Namutumba

Visit by David Balimunsi on 2019-05-10

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David Balimunsi
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2019-05-13 14:26:19 UTC
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David Balimunsi
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2019-05-13 16:08:13 UTC
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09:04-17:48 (8 h 44 m)
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11:47-15:51 (4 h 4 m)
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4 h 40 m

Household visits

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Assesing the sanitation status 
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David Balimunsi 
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When David was in Nawandyo, he was accompanied by mr Hamudani , Daniel,and Gasemba the three chairmen from the three different sections of the village. As David and the three chairmen were carrying out their home to home movements they found mr kige the chairman of the borehole in section B of the village who was also tracing for their way out . Mr kige also joined them during their village movements. David noted that the majority of the homes were still maintaining the required Kibo’s hygiene and sanitation standards. However the fewer homes which were noted by David not to have met the set standards had challenges of only their houses and kitchens missing to be smeared as they were before. Therefore as David , Dan , Gasemba , kige and Hamudani we’re moving to the different homes , they kept on encouraging those with houses and kitchens with the need for the maintenance and improvements , to improve on them by smearing. Later after David and his group visited the three boreholes . They were happy to see that all the three boreholes had good fences around and more so even well maintained to the standards. Before they left the left the third borehole in the upper section of the village . David asked the three chairmen to give a report about the status of their borehole account . They told David that they all had more than 150000 shillings as their borehole account balance. David strongly emphasized the three chairmen to always continuing contributing towards their borehole account. That would help for the longer sustainability of the three boreholes. On addition to that David saw a lot of stoves in the different homes. The members told him that the stoves construction was still going on and even the members who had learnt the skills still were extending the practice to the different homes. However David encouraged the members to maintain on their stoves which had cracks by smearing on them . In general according to the hygiene and sanitation standards of the entire village was good except for the few homes which needed some simple maintenances and improvements. 

Next Visit: 2019-05-31 - Purpose: Checking on the sanitation progress