Life Skills Education and Counseling - Kivule - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-05-17

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Relationship Skills: Gender Roles 
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Learning Objectives
Describe the various gender roles for both the man and woman and how these roles are negatively affecting the community.
Introduction The purposes of Lorna’s visit to this village today was to talk to the chairman about resuming life skills lessons in this village since the last visit. Overview When Lorna arrived the village, she found the chairman and a few other community members waiting for her. They were happy to see her and they asked Lorna if she was going to teach them but she said not this time as she was here to see the chairman only this time . Lorna and the chairman discussed about the life skills program and if he Community is still embracing this program. The chairman said the community members kept asking him if Kibo had left their village but he told them no because Lorna was always communicating with him about what was going on. Lorna agreed and said that was the reason she was here to talk to him and restrategise how to continue working in this village. Lorna asked for his maximum cooperation especially in mobilizing the community. Iswaya the chairman told Lorna that she should not be worried as he will walk home to home mobilizing his community. Lorna also asked him what the challenges in the community are as per now. He said that the biggest challenge was water as over 100 homes fetch water from this one borehole and it gets too congested. He asked if there was any chance they could get a borehole they would be grateful. He also mentioned another challenge that the women are becoming a problem in their homes. When Lorna asked how he said, they are leaving their homes and gave his wife as an example that she left him 2 months ago and took everything in their shop and has not returned since. Lorna asked him whether they had a quarrel he said no, she asked whether he had been performing his rightful duties as a husband and father and he said yes. Lorna asked what the problem could have been then and he said he does not know and so is the case for other women. Lorna said before closing the year last year she had a meeting with the women and they too were complaining about them the men not taking their responsibilities seriously but drinking, sleeping around and taking away their hard earned money without leaving them some to take care of their needs. Lorna mentioned these as some of the things mentioned in the meeting she had with the women. Lorna will address the men in a separate meeting and then have the joint meetings to be able to come up with solutions on how to move forward. Conclusion Lorna left when they had set a date for her to return to teach at the community. Lorna also passed by the Nawampiti chairman’s home to inform him of the next visit on Friday next week. This was on her way out of Bubinga. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-12 - Purpose: Have a general meeting with just the men addressing their roles as husbands, fathers in their homes as was mentioned by the women in a separate meeting.

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7046 Chairman on the left Iswaya and a community member