Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawaibete - New Buyanga Primary School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-05-20

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

New Buyanga Primary School 
Lesson Taught
How HIV/ STDs are Transmitted 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Bethany Paris and Kayla 
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Learning Objectives
To get familiar with the different ways through which HIV/AIDS is transmitted so that they can prevent themselves from contracting it.
Introduction The AIDS scourge in Uganda is on the rise especially among the teenagers and youth. It is therefore of great importance to teach HIV transmission so as for one to know how to prevent themselves from catching HIV. It was stated that 85% of the youth are currently living with HIV/AIDS Overview Manuela , Lorna , Brittany and Kayla went to Nawaibete where they re taught the lesson HIV transmission on request of the community. When they got to the village , they moved around a few homes as the Interns were looking at stoves, the smeared facilities and home facilities and they also went to the borehole to check on its status. They later came back to the meeting which started by the chairman giving a few remarks and Manuela opening up with a word of prayer and asked Lorna to introduce the visitors which she did and then she went ahead and started to teach. Manuela started by issuing out gloves to about six people and after this she asked the six people to shake hands with other six people and also the rest to do so. She later explained to the group that those who the gloves let’s assume that they were HIV positive and they knew or did not know they had HIV but went around spreading it by having sex which was the shaking of hands and the cycle goes on. Since this was a review, the lesson was community centered meaning Manuela asked questions and the community answered. They looked at ways in which HIV is transmitted like; Through having unprotected sex, sharing sharp instruments, blood transfusion ,giving birth at home and not health centers among others. The fluids through which HIV passes like Breast milk, semen, vaginal fluids and of course blood and not sweat , water. They were also reminded that for HIV to get into ones body there should be a port of entry. Lorna then came in and also touched on mother to child transmission that is the channels through which HIV can be transmitted to the baby. These were in child birth, during pregnancy and through breast milk. They were reminded that mothers should strive give birth in the hospital as the safest place. One lady asked how exclusive should the breast feeding be for and it was mentioned that for six months . One woman though was very skeptical as she argued that the baby should not breast feed at all but should be given cows milk. Lovisa however advised that breast milk has all the nutrients that cow milk does not have and also added that there is a syrup that is given to this baby that is administered to her during this period. Godi asked how possible it was to give birth to an HIV negative baby. Lorna answered it was possible although there are few discordant couples whereby the person who does not have HIV is started on a drug PREP as they continue visiting the health center getting advice on when it was right for them to have a baby. Lorna also mentioned the different symptoms women with HIV have which differ from the men like prolonged itchy white discharge, prolonged menstration, cervical council. Conclusion It was a great lesson and very participatory and it was also great to have the children in this lesson. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-20 - Purpose: Followup on the village how they are fairing in building stronger relationships with their children as well as more children enrolled in school.

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7067 This was during a skit on HIV transmission.
7070 It was great having the children join in the meeting because HIV affects everyone and getting this information while young is the best thing that can happen to them.