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Visit by Harriet Kefeza on 2019-05-22

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2019-05-23 04:47:15 UTC
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Healthy and Safe Kitchens 
Harriet went to follow up on the progress of the stove building process and smearing of the home facilities. This was intended to monitor progress as well as correct mistakes Incase of any. She found a few participants waiting at the meeting place and as soon as she reached other people also turned up. Namukwana Hadija the Chairperson of the group led kibo staff together with the community to the participants homes to check on smearing and stoves building stoves.They walked through over twenty homes and out of these five stoves were built by the community on their own. Two homes for Najemba Kasifa and Naiwumbwe Maimuna were not working effectively. They told Harriet that their stoves contained the smoke inside as she cooked food. Harriet checked on their stoves to find out what the problem so that it could be fixed. The challenge was the stoves were built in the wrong direction that is instead of wind blowing fire/ lighting fire it blows smoke back to the kitchen. Harriet remained the group to always be mindful of the wind direction when building stoves to avoid smoke being blown back into the kitchen.The group said that they will dismantle those stoves and build other for those two members for them also to cook conformably since they have realized their mistakes and since they have worked tirelessly with the group. They also thanked Harriet for being polite and patient with them despite the many mistakes they have always made. On the issue of smearing most homes have embraced it and the group had agreed that before any member gets a stove her kitchen must be smeared first. The group has a plan to finish building stoves for all the members by 15th June 2019 since they have mastered the skill. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-07 - Purpose: Monitor the progress of stove building , usage and smearing of the home facilities.