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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-06-05

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Delaying Sex 
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Learning Objectives
To know the different measures to help delay sex until one is old enough and the different pressure lines and how to respond to them.
Introduction Lorna continued with the topic Decision making and this time looked at measures one can undertake to help delay sex. Overview On arrival,Lorna went straight to the headmasters office signed in and immediately went to class since time had gone. Lorna greeted the pupils and went on straight to the topic of the day. However , they first did a review of the previous lesson they had which was Delaying sex; Abstaining and the importance of Abstinence, reasons for saying yes and no to sex. The discussion went well as the pupils participated well even those who usually don’t participate and this was great to see. After the review, we looked at the different measures them as young people / teenagers can do to keep themselves away from sex. Lorna posed the question to the pupils and some of the responses were; saying no to sex as the best Way to Delaying sex. Lorna added here that if for example a boy approached a girl and asked her for sex her response should be NO and should stand by her answer no matter what. She said most times they say that when girls say no, they mean yes which should not be the case a No should be a No and Yes a Yes. Lorna tapped a little bit on Assertive communication where she urged both boys and girls to always look straight into the persons eye and stand their ground. Allan mentioned avoiding wearing skimpy and revealing clothes as this can provoke the boys or men to endulge in sex. Avoiding secluded/isolated places, get involved in cocurricular activities like ; football, netball , avoid Discos and video places, avoid moving out alone late hours to the shop, borehole, or at least go in a group but not alone. Others mentioned were avoiding free gifts from strangers as usually one will pay for it in one way or the other, saying no to peer pressure, avoid going to someone else’s home alone when no one else is present, report all cases of bad touches or sexual contact that one is not comfortable with. They also looked at some pressure lines that are used by both boys and girls that lure one into engaging in sex. Lorna divided the class into 9 groups and gave each group a pressure line for them to discuss and get back with a response. Some of the pressure lines were; Everybody is having sex- Sadat’s group discussed and their response to this line was - I don’t want to have sex”. This was a great response considering whoever mentioned that pressure line a boy or girl but , the most interesting response about this line was the respondent sayin”I” that means they have excluded themselves from “Everybody”:hence I am not everybody so I don’t want to have sex. Group B’s pressure line was if you don’t someone else will and their response was It’s okay let them. Other pressure lines were ; You will not get pregnant, I don’t have HIV, but I love you - don’t you love me?, practice makes perfect , girls need to have Sex among others. Conclusion They did not finish as intended because it was already past lunch but also Lorna noticed that they may not have got a very good idea on the pressure lines nes and so on the next visit they will tackle it a little bit and then go on to the new topic communication skills. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-10 - Purpose: Do a review and then introduce new topic communication skills

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