Health and Spiritual Empowerment - Kitukiro - Buyende

Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-06-10

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Irene Nakibirango
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2019-06-11 06:26:22 UTC
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Irene Nakibirango
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2019-06-11 07:49:16 UTC
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10:46-17:53 (7 h 7 m)
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Health and Spiritual Empowerment Lesson

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Ida Bazonona,Irene Ngobi 
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Health lesson 9: Disease Recognition 
Irene and Ida went kitukiro to continue with disease recognition basically continuing with the signs and symptoms that commonly present when one has malaria and how to prevent it. Ida started with a recap of the previous lesson then invited Irene to continue with the lesson, Irene started by asking the community members the different signs that they’ve noticed with the people who suffer from malaria with different examples Irene added more that were not recognized. Then Irene asked the community members for a recap on the causes of malaria and with the examples given Irene asked the members to discuss the prevention of malaria which included sleeping under a mosquito net, draining away stagnant water, among others that were discussed. Irene requested the members to always refer malaria cases to the hospital and urged pregnant women to always visit the health centers for malaria prevention so as to have a health baby. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-21 - Purpose: To continue with disease recognition basically teaching skin diseases and the different types