Water Sanitation and Hygiene - Kagulu - Namutumba

Visit by Alex Walyomu on 2019-06-17

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2019-06-18 09:44:10 UTC
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Water Community Meeting

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user committee training,hygiene and sanitation 
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Walyomu Alex 
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Nabituluntu - Nabituluntu lower kibo borehole 
In Kagulu, Alex met with 4 water user committee members to have a last training of the committee reviewing their roles and responsibilities and encourage them to always be active at all times. Unfortunately not all the committee members turned up because of the bad weather and rain. He told them to mobilize the village for a general meeting on Wednesday where Alex will be introducing the health and safe kitchens in the village. The committee members told Alex that the village has continued to contribute money towards the borehole account and also the bank account will soon be ready to keep the money safe. Because of the bad weather, there was nothing much to do in the village. Alex then decided to pass by Nabituluntu village to follow up on the committee that had split up and the chairman quit his position. The committee met and agreed to have the vice chairperson take over and together they have managed to work together and unite the village. The sanitation committee chairman Paul Balilaine started visiting all the homes to encourage everyone to replace their old dish racks and build new ones. Some have always started to build new dish racks and some have maintained their old dish racks now for more than a year. Alex did focus so much on dish rack sustainability and construction in Nabituluntu village. The village leaders are organizing another general meeting for all the village residents to attend and have requested Kibo to be part of this to talk to all the people once again about their borehole management and sanitation standards. Alex promised to attend if at all it’s planned in time. In general, the village sanitation looks good with many homes still having their facilities in place and others replacing their old facilities. The borehole is working perfectly and anew fence was put on as well. 
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2019-07-18 - Purpose: General meeting with the village to discuss more about the village sanitation standards and borehole management guidelines.
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7415 This new dish rack was recently constructed by an old man, Tegu replacing an old one that had collapsed
7418 This dish rack in Nabituluntu village is still well maintained
7421 Alex focused on dish rack sustainability in Nabituluntu village, a village that WASH is phasing out
7424 Rubbish pit in Nabituluntu lower village being still maintained