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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-06-24

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Effective Communication and Listening,Early Pregnancy,Alcohol and Drug Use,Delaying Sex,Causes of early pregnancy 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
- To ensure the pupils understanding of the test they just undertook last week. The areas they failed and what areas they need to improve on. - To understand what good communication entails; means,barriers, styles.
Introduction Lorna went here to first of all return the pupils scripts and make corrections and then teach Communication Skills. Communication skills was chosen as the next topic because it was the immediate need. Having interacted with the pupils, there is still a gap in their communication that needs to be bridged. Overview Lorna reached the school signed in at the Headteachers office and then together with both the Life Skills teachers, went to the Life Skills class. Lorna together with Tr. Steven and Peninah, gave back the pupils script and after that Lorna asked teacher Peninah to take the class through the corrections of the test as Tr. Steven translated. Lorna was sited at the back during this time just observing what was going on and how the teachers were teaching. Lorna however had to come in once in a while to help Peninah during the course of the corrections. Lorna also asked the class after the corrections if not what was in the test paper was not in their books. The pupils responded that everything was in their books. Lorna then asked why did some of them not score highly and they told Lorna because they don’t read. Peninah said the same thing that they don’t like reading however, Lorna advised them to always read their books, pay attention in class and they will pass their exams and this does not refer to only life skills but also their usual school subjects. After the review, Lorna taught on communication skills whereby she asked the pupils what communication skills were and they were able to answer. This was great to know that they still remembers this definition which she gave them last week and yet they did not write it down. The definition of communication on its on and communication skills defer in a way that while communication is the sending and receiving of messages, Communication Skills is the sending and receiving of messages with an EFFECTIVE feedback. They were also able to list down the means of communication like; Mobile phones,Television, radios,drums,whistles,hands,facial-expression,trumpets ,magazines and newspapers among others. On Facial expression, Lorna mentioned that a lot of communication is expressed on our faces for example; when someone is in agreement with what someone is saying they will node their head, raise their eyebrows, when someone is hungry, happy, sad, sick all these can be shown on our faces. They also went ahead and listed the communication barriers. These are the things that prevent communication from happening. Those looked at were ; Language barrier which is the most common communication barrier. Lorna gave them an example of if in one of the lessons she taught in Kiswahili how many would understand? and no one put up their hand. Others mentioned were noise,music, bad network, physical disability for example the deaf and dumb, physical structures like walls , distance among others. Later on, they looked at communication styles ; Attack and Avoid. Lorna asked what Attack and Avoid are in Lusoga(local language) and they mentioned what both meant. She told them that in communication we have some people who speak in an attacking manner and then we have those who just avoid unfriendly situations or that would lead to a fight. Lorna called out a couple of volunteers to demonstrate what was being taught. Role plays, play an important role in understanding given topics. The role play was about 2 girls who came early to the borehole to fetch water and then another boy comes in abusing them throwing away their jerrycans and when the girls tried to fight back he forcefully pushed them away. Teacher Steven asked whether this was something the faced in the community and they said yes. The second role play was still about attacking behavior and this happened between two boys whereby they were having a good conversation then suddenly one gets annoyed by the other and tells him that he was going to beat him ,starts insulting him and then it eventually turns into a fight. Both of them get hurt and yet if one of them had avoided the situation and walked away , none of them would have been hurt. Conclusion Teacher Steven told the pupils of Bukhana Primary School that they were very luck to study life skills because no matter how hard they studied other subjects and excelled in them without skills like communication, Decision making, HIV awareness , it would mean nothing. 

Next Visit: 2019-06-26 - Purpose: Go through some topics in Decision making which seemed difficult for the pupils in their post test and also for their understanding.

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7514 Aisha giving an answer in class.
7517 Teacher Peninah and Tr Steven taking the pupils through the post test corrections.
7523 We tried out role play on Attack and Avoid communication styles.