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Visit by Alex Bamulumbye on 2019-07-03

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Mvule Community Development lesson

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Mvule Community Development 
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community meeting 
Alex B and Cris met forty two members of the community of Bukudumira about how they will benefit from the group bank account . He asked the members how as individuals or a group will benefit from group bank account.They are in preparation for opening one. Peter said one can save his or her money for sometime until enough money will be realize for certain item is needed. Another members said it is more safer for one to keep money than any place that can be thought of . Kigoolo said always expenses are planned before the money is withdrawn. He also said long term plans can be achieved like saving money for buying land and construction while saving with the bank Alice one of the members said as they will benefit from it by people who want to help the group when they have not moved with hard cash.The money from the donors when received through the bank,will make them to discuss fast how they will benefit out it. It is more safer to keep it with the bank than with the treasury of the group. He added that even if the accident happens when the treasury is taking it to bank,it will be for that one collection or small money. It avoid risks of loosing money like when it is left with the treasury in the house where she or her stays from being stolen.The bank is the best option for keeping the money. Alex B thanked the members for the idea that was contributed by them. He told them to bear in mind that the best and safer place to keep money is with the bank. He told them as individuals to start with small amount of money. The person will develop the spirit or habit of saving.The group with bank account can benefit much from government programs.It is mostly the group with a constitution,registration certificate and bank account that is considered as serious for better feature.It help the members to work had as each will be interested to make more saving. The group will be more united since they will all know that their money is secure Alex B and the members will discuss how the money for the members will not be affected while withdrawing like bank charges. They will decide how the two records will handled,of individuals and the group 
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2019-07-10 - Purpose: To continue with the discussion of how they will saving scheme and the way to keep records.
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7709 Alex B was discussing with the members how they would benefit from saving scheme.