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Visit by Ida Bazonoona on 2019-07-08

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2019-07-09 13:52:42 UTC
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Ida Bazonoona
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Ida went to Kitukiro to settle some family issues but unfortunately the Taxi drivers were striking that caused our two Kibo members to report for work. As Ida had planned to go to Kitukiro, she had to go and pick both staff Martin Kibuuka and Jeska Busoga. Martin was waiting for us on the way to Kitukiro but Jeska was at home with her ill sister who was vomiting and diarrheating. Ida had to stop what she was meant to do and in stead took the dying woman to the hospital for proper treatment. Kibo’s car was the the Ambulance that day, finally the patient was admitted and put on drip. By tithe the time all that was done, it was too late to go Kitukiro for counseling. 
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2019-07-12 - Purpose: Settle family issues which Ida didn’t fulfill Monday 8th.
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7763 A woman from Bulinda(Jeska’s sister)that Ida took to the hospital in a Kibo car as an Ambulance for proper treatment