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Visit by Manuela Ongyera on 2019-07-08

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Assertiveness/Peer Pressure: Responding to Persuasion 
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Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
To educate the pupils about Assertive massages
Introduction Manuela went to this school to teach the pupils about Assertive massages this lesson helps the pupils to be informed about how they can respond to their peers or any other person using some unwanted wards like I will love you till lake Victoria dries, don’t wast time to study because there are no jobs, you are old enough to get married, I will marry you, such wards confuse pupils from focusing on their education, when pupils attain these massages they will always be Assertive, for example they will say no for No and yes for positive Yes! Knowing that theses wards are usual to them. Overview When Manuela reached the school, she went directly into life skills class, she greeted the pupils before Manuela could start teaching, she saw one of her pupil well dressed in the school uniform yet she didn’t have, Manuela was very happy and this was one of the pupil who has issues with the parents not providing for her scholastic materials but after Manuela talked to the parents for several times about roles and responsibilities in a family, Manuela was glad to see the parents of this girl how they understood what she told them and now they are doing their best to provide for their daughter everything. After that, Manuela asked the pupils about the previous lesson that they learnt on communication styles, Manuela asked the pupils to remind her, pupils where able to share their ideas for example when Manuela asked them, what is communication styles? Pupils were able to share their ideas for example some of the pupils said that it is the different ways through which people communicate with different behavior and characters, for example Passive, Assertive and Aggressive behavior. Manuela went on and asked them to explain to her different characteristics of communication styles. Manuela was so impressed because pupils managed to mention some of the answers. After that, Manuela introduced another lesson, which was about Assertive massages, this lesson helps the pupils to be aware of some certain wards that people may use to convince the young girls and boys so that they can stop studies, for example, I love you so much, I can’t live without you, let us prove our love , if you don’t give me I will leave you, all those wards tends to confuse the young ones that is why we teach them so that they are not taken up by those wards and they will remain Assertive to such wards and say No! Finally, Manuela encouraged the pupils to be very vigilant about such wards they are not good but those people just want to confuse them so that they end their bright features as far as education is concerns. 
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2019-07-15 - Purpose: Manuela and Lorna will be going to school to teach the pupils about Menstrual Hygiene and Management.
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7802 Manuela teaching the pupils about Assertive massages.
7805 One of the pupil called Namaganda is explaining some of the wards in Assertive massages.