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Visit by Irene Nakibirango on 2019-07-10

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2019-07-11 13:02:50 UTC
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Irene Ngobi 
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Health lesson 1: Hygiene and Sanitation 
Irene went to Budumba to continue with the general body hygiene and sanitation lesson and taught about how to clean our bodies. Irene encouraged the community members to always cut short their hair to avoid the bad smell since some times they don’t have soap to wash it clean, cutting their finger nails short to avoid taking in germs that are hidden under their finger nails,scrubbing their bodies with a sponge especially the areas where two or more parts come into contact like armpits,between the head and neck,between the legs,and around the private parts to avoid bad smell. Irene also encouraged the community members to clean their beddings, spread them under the sun to eliminate the bad smell and kill bacteria,make sure they sleep in a healthy environment by sweeping, smearing and dusting their homes to eliminate lice,bedbugs, and baits clean water to avoid skin diseases The members asked several questions like mukoda if pawpaw leaves can be used with other local herbs because these have been acting as soap Incase one doesn’t have money for soap, and many more questions that made the lesson interesting especially when the community members asked questions and others gave the answers. Irene advised them to mobilize more members for the next lesson and to always put what they discussed into practice to keep their bodies healthy. 
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2019-07-24 - Purpose: To teach about oral care
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7817 Budumba community members listening to the general body hygiene lesson