Life Skills Education and Counseling - Nawampiti - Kivule Primariy School - Namutumba

Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-12

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kivule Primariy School 
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Cure or Treatment 
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Learning Objectives
- To know that there is no cure of HIV/AIDS - To learn and know the different treatment plans there is for Persons living with HIV/AIDS .
Introduction Lorna went to this village to continue with the HIV /AIDS topic focusing on HIV cure and Treatment as well as rights of Persons living with HIV/AIDS. The community needs to know that there is no cure for HIV /AIDS or at least no cure has been found yet and should therefore not be deceived by any drugs on the market. Also that even though their are drugs to treat the virus , there is also many things that need to be taken into consideration which will be seen in the report below. Also looking at the rights of Persons living with HIV/AIDS. Overview As as soon as Lorna reached the village, the clouds started to turn and after some minutes it begun to rain which forced Lorna and the members that had gathered before the rain to take a shelter in the house at the meeting place. It rained for a while then stopped then it resumed however during the rain Lorna figured that it was not about to stop so she decided to teach those members present. Lorna started by doing a preview from the previous lesson which was on disease progression and positive behavior then went on to the topic of the day HIV/AIDS cure or treatment and because she still had time, she went on to rights of PLWHIV. They started by defining what cure is and what treatment is whereby they agreed if someone said they were cured of something, it meant that they no longer have it. While to treat was a continuous administration which can for some illnesses cure or for some not. Lorna asked the community members if there was a cure for HIV /AIDS and they all said no although one of the members said that how about the traditional herbs can’t those cure HIV /AIDS Lorna and the community members said no then he asked why can’t they be arrested?. Lorna said she does not no the answer to that but they should know that there is no cure yet and when it is finally found the whole world will know. Lorna then went on and said besides the readily available medicines , what else can be added to ensure that persons living with HIV /AIDS can be well, strong and live long. They mentioned getting enough rest, not doing hard work, avoiding stress , eating well. Lorna agreed with all these answers and said all of this and much more is what they call the treatment plan and they were going to categorize them so that each of them falls in their own category. Lorna mentioned that just like when one gets sick of malaria, they go ahead and tell them to take enough drinks , get rest which is the same in this case. They looked at; - Psychological wellbeing which involves; Counseling, having a positive attitude, stress reduction among others - social well-being ; spousal support, extended family, peer support among others - protection from stigma among others - Spiritual well-being ; Faith, Meditation , belief system - General well-being; Good nutrition eating a balanced diet, proteins beans, fish, vitamins from greens , fruits, rest , exercise, avoid smoking, drugs, Avoid STDs , re-infection with HIV/AIDs. All these were discussed widely for everyone to understand. Lorna then got a few papers and tore them into 4 papers each and distributed to the members. Lorna told them to assume that those were their rights every right they believe they have in this life and that Lorna was the one to give them these rights meaning she has all the power to do so. Lorna told them to assume rights like to live, to medical care, food, among others. Lorna then moved around taking some rights from others, some two some three some all of them. Some she tore to pieces, some she stumped them under her feet. After this activity she asked them how they felt ; one man said very bad, another said not happy why I took all from other people and took only 1 from him. Lorna explained that this is how Persons living with HIV/AIDS feel when they are denied some of their rights or all their rights. At this point everyone was quiet and Lorna said the same right that a person living without HIV/AIDS has is the same as those living with the virus. She mentioned unfortunately this was not the case as they are stigmatized against. They mentioned some of the rights like; food,security, jobs, medication, right to express themselves, to contest for leadership posts, freedom of speech, freedom of association among others. Conclusion Lorna thanked them for coming in the rain and gave them a date on when she will next return.Lorna left for Jinja since the rains were still pouring. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-26 - Purpose: Finalize with HIV/AIDS Awareness topic and teach on parental roles and responsibility