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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-15

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

Lesson Taught
Aggressive Behaviours,Assertiveness: Attack and Avoid,Assertiveness/Peer Pressure: Responding to Persuasion 
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Lorna Katagara,Ongyera Manuella 
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Life Skills Teacher 
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Learning Objectives
- By the end of the lesson the pupils have understood the different styles and behaviors of communication there are. - They will be able to choose the best style to use
Introduction Lorna and Manuela went to Bukhana to conclude on communication skills topic and to also sensitize the pupils on Menstrual Hygiene And Management. Overview Lorna started by taking the pupils through the review of the previous lesson where they looked at the different communication behaviors of Attack and Avoid and then the communication styles of Aggressive, Passive and Assertive. Previously Lorna stopped on Passive and did not explain Assertive communication style. Manuela took over and explained the Assertive communication style of which some of the characteristics of Assertive people mentioned were ; Being confident, saying exactly what one means, respecting other people’s rights , expressing both positive and negative feelings, is not shy, does not backbite , does not insult others, is not rude, does not fight others among others. Also Manuela looked at the importance of communication and the responses came from the pupils themselves whereby some of the things mentioned were; to receive and encourage feedback, to promote unity/ peace, to pass on important information, to meet each others needs, to promote friendship among others. They also looked at the different body parts used in communication such as; hands, legs, eyes, the head. They also looked at Responding to persuasive messages in an Assertive manner. They looked at the way one should respond when being asked to do what they don’t want or makes them uncomfortable and also how to negotiate like if someone told them to have sex with them , that they want to marry them , that they should go drink, steal, how would they respond in an Assertive way. After this they looked at Menstrual Hygiene and Management where Manuela explained the meaning of hygiene and Management in relation to menstruation. She urged that Menstruation is very Normal where she emphasized on this because both the boys and girls were becoming shy. Manuela mentioned that all females go through this as she mentioned herself, Lorna and teacher Peninah and our mothers, sisters , any female person. She continued and mentioned that this was a God’s gift to females for purposes of cleansing their bodies and to know that this is a woman. She continued and mentioned no one asked for it but God saw it necessary for us women. She encouraged the boys to be very supportive of the girls during this time and not to laugh at them because if they do, they are laughing at their mothers,sisters. She instead told them if they notice that a girl has stained her dress instead of laughing at them. She added that if they notice this, they can walk to her quietly and if they have a sweater lend it to her. Lorna then took off her sweater and demonstrated to the pupils that the girl can then tie it around their waist. Lorna discouraged the boys from going around telling others about the girl to other boys as this will prevent the girl from attending class hence leading to her failing. Manuela mentioned that when that time comes there will be some signs for example ; headaches, back pain, stomach aches which are very normal. She encouraged them to drink warm water, do exercises, put a bottle with warm water on their belly, lie on their back, put both feet in warm water. After this the boys were asked to leave the class an the girls stayed in alone. Lorna and Manuela demonstrated to the class how to fold the men’s trail piece of cloth at least three times before everyone got it. Manuela told them these cloths are to be washed properly, ironed or put under the hot sun for it to dry because if it doesn’t they can get infections. Lorna emphasize on hygiene because if they don’t wash well they will smell and no one wants that.she also said depending on ones flow where some are light while others heavy , the piece of cloth one is to use matters. Conclusion Out of 53 girls , only 5 use Always sanitary pads which is also not very regular that means the rest use pieces of cloth. 30 soft towels were given to 30 girls for purposes of demonstration and to keep and use. The girls were also advised to use cotton and well fitting underwear so as for the piece of cloth not to move or fall down. Lastly the girls were encouraged not to miss School because of their menstrauls but to come to school and know that they are not alone and that all females everywhere experience this. 

Next Visit: 2019-07-22 - Purpose: Give the pupils s post test

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7850 Sitting down is Teacher Stephen signing to the deaf pupils
7853 Manuela teaching on Assertive messages.
7856 Manuela demonstrating how to fold a piece of cloth a girl child can use in their menstruation period.
7868 Natasha a deaf pupil demonstrating to the rest of the pupils the procedure in folding the piece of cloth.