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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-19

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Life Skills Education and Counseling community lesson

Kigalama Primary School 
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Early Pregnancy 
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Learning Objectives
- To raise awareness on causes of early pregnancy among the community members. - To bring the parents on board in fighting the causes and consequences of early pregnancy. - To help the parents and young girls face the reality of early pregnancy and know what to do about it.
Introduction Lorna and Chris went to this village to introduce a new topic Early Pregnancy. There is need to sensitize the parents on the causes and dangers on early pregnancy and also to know their responsibilities towards their children on this matter. Overview Swaibu the acting chairman addressed the community members and thanked them for leaving what they were doing to come attend the meeting. He asked one of the members to say an opening prayer which was said in Arabic since the person who said it was a moslem.After this he invited Lorna to talk to the community members and teach them what she came to deliver. Lorna did a review of the previous lesson which was Goal setting and thereafter introduced the topic of the day Early Pregnancy; causes, dangers and possible solutions. Early pregnancies are very common in Busoga region according to Ministry of health statistics. Therefore teaching the community about early pregnancy is a necessity so as to ensure that the parents know their role in this as stake holders in fighting this vice. Lorna gave them some statistics she read about early pregnancy in Namutumba District where this village is located ,with Magada, Nsinze and Ivukula subcounties having the highest numbers. According to Dr. Kirya in Namutumba District about 40% of girls ages 15- 19 years old are already mothers. Lorna asked if there were any child mothers in Kigalama? Lorna told them even though they do not tell her she has seen them while moving around. Lorna asked them if this makes them happy?. They said No.She went ahead and asked them what they think the causes are; They mentioned poverty, parents not talking to their daughters about the dangers of early sexual intercourse , indeed one parent put the blame on parents who view their daughters as a source of wealth. Lorna thanked them and commented also on Poverty whereby she said poverty is not something new and is not about to go away soon.Parents need to make their children understand the situation at home that there is no money maybe to go back to school, also go to the garden with them, come up with some income generating activities and talk to them about the advances the men will make so that they are prepared for it and when such advances are made they will say No. Other causes mentioned were; - Lorna also noted that during adolescence , teenagers may drink and experiment with drugs frequently which affects their ability to logically think thus increasing the chances they will engage in unprotected sex. - Peer pressure.Lorna said often females may be pressured or forced by an older male partner and out of fear, they may feel forced to engage in unprotected sex. Poor performance at School, Absentee parents, Children staying with their grand parents, bribe from the person committing the offense to the LC chairman and the children’s/ teens parents. Lorna encouraged them not to take bribes because it’s wrong and that they were destroying their child’s /teens future. She told them everything happens in its own time and when they are old enough then they can get married. Defensive parents who don’t want to be told their children are behaving in a certain way as they are quick to defend their child’s behavior in the name of “they” are not the ones who gave birth to them. The men supported this and asked that instead of these parents encouraging their child’s behavior they need to talk to them about it and make sure they understand whatever they are doing will lead them into problems. Chris also encouraged the parents not to send out their children late at night.He urged them to follow up on their children’s performance as mentioned by Lorna. He mentioned that Sometimes when the children perform poorly each time, the parents may be forced to stop them as they will say that they are just wasting money. He urged them instead to followup with their children at school, know their friends and talk to their teachers about their child. Some of the dangers looked at were; high blood pressure for the young girl child, HIV/AIDS ,panda other STDs like gonorrhea, Syphillis, Hepatitis among others, Anaemia, low birth weight babies, Poor nutrition, Marternal mortality among others. Conclusion Lorna emphasized that from a young age, it’s important that young girls and adolescents have a reliable and trustworthy adult to confide in, that having a role model they look up to will shape their dreams.Lorna advised parents to show love to their children by telling them how much they love and treasure them as this,will help them not to seek it (Love) from someone else. Lorna also told the parents to stop pretending that their children do not know anything about sex but instead open up and guide them. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-09 - Purpose: Introduce Early Marriages ; causes, dangers

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8009 Lorna talking to the members of Kigalama about the causes and dangers of early pregnancy.
8015 Chris also had an opportunity to advice the community members on early pregnancy.