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Visit by Lorna Katagara on 2019-07-29

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Life Skills Education and Counseling school lesson

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Facts and Myths about HIV/AIDS,The Immune System 
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Lorna Katagara 
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Learning Objectives
-By the end of the lesson, the pupils are expected to learn the truth about HIV/AIDS and that which is not true. - By the end of the lesson, the pupils will understand what the immune system is and it’s role in fighting diseases. - By the end of the lesson the pupils will understand how HIV/AIDS affects the immune system.
Introduction Lorna went to introduce HIV/AIDS Awareness Skills. This is a very important topic considering the myths surrounding it. Lorna went to clarify on the facts and myths concerning HIV/AIDS. Lorna also briefly taught on the immune system. Overview Lorna arrived at the School and went straight to the Life a Skills class as she was already late. In class she was welcomed by the pupils and thereafter did a recap on the previous lesson on Puberty and Adolescent stage. The pupils were able to remember the definitions and then the different changes that both the girls and boys go through during puberty. After the review, Lorna introduced HIV/AIDS Awareness Skills to the pupils. Lorna started by defining what HIV is to the pupils which was mentioned by the pupils as :- Human Immune Virus and also AIDS as :-Acquired Immune deficiency syndrome. Lorna explained HIV as the virus that attacks the immune system while AIDS as a collection of diseases for example ; malaria, diarrhea , typhoid, TB among others. Lorna mentioned to the class that one can live with HIV and not progress to AIDs. She mentioned that if one looks after themselves well, eats well , rests well, is taking their medication and treats every infection or disease that comes, they can contain it at the HIV level and not get to the AIDS which Lorna said they will look at all in in detail as they move on. They looked at the Facts and Myths whereby some of the Facts mentioned were; -AIDS is real where Lorna emphasized to the pupils that it is important to know that this disease is real and not just a mystery as is talked about. -AIDS has no cure as some people say that traditional healers have a cure. -AIDS is not only for the promiscuous but everyone can catch it. -AIDS does not segregate. It can affect both young and old alike -AIDS is not only acquired through unprotected sex but other ways as well.These were some of the facts mentioned. Myths looked at were; - HIV/AIDS is a curse - HIV/AIDS is witchcraft - Has a cure - Only affects white people -Medicine for cure is in the USA - No one has AIDS in Uganda. After looking at this, they looked at the immune system.Lorna defined the immune system as the body’s way of fighting diseases. Lorna went ahead and explained to the class that our body is comprised of the immune system which comprises different cells that helps fight diseases. Lorna mentioned that we get sick each day or people we know get sick each day but because we have these cells in our body , they help it fight off these diseases but if the particular disease weakens the immune system and the body cannot fight anymore then that is when a person can die. They looked at some of the components of the immune system like the red blood cells and the white blood cells. Lorna asked the pupils the function of these cells and Jackline mentioned the red blood cells are responsible for carrying in oxygen and out carbon dioxide. Sadat mentioned that White blood cells are responsible for fighting diseases. Lorna asked the class to clap for them. Since time had gone, they did not go further however, Lorna concluded with the Elephant game demonstrating to the pupils how the immune system fights off diseases and what happens however when the CD4 cell is attacked by the HIV virus. Lorna will be explaining to the class all about this game in the next lesson. Lorna decided to do this game first so they understand it well before actually explaining how everything works and also because the pupils were tired and it was already past into lunch time. Challenge On Lorna’s way to Bukhana , she was met by a road block as the community members in the area were rioting burning tires in the middle of the road and no cars were allowed to pass. Lorna had to ask some people around for a different route to use since they really had to go and thankfully they were shown a different route. When asked why they were rioting, they said that a notorious thief had been killed and when the police tried to intervene, they shot at a school girl whom they had to rush to hospital. This made Lorna arrive late at school. Conclusion Lorna asked teacher Steven to give the pupils who missed the communication test the paper so they sit for it like the rest of the class that did the test. Lorna advised the pupils to continue reading hard and also to ensure that they help each other out and also asked them not to just cram what is being taught to them but to understand as these are the skills they will use in life. 

Next Visit: 2019-08-05 - Purpose: Continue with the Immune system and then teach HIV Transmission .

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8042 Teacher Steven signing for the deaf pupils.
8045 Lorna demonstrating the Elephant game on the Immune system to the rest of the class.